Michelle Krusiec

Tuesday, April 19 by

Based on how last week’s episode of “Community” ended, it looks like we may be seeing more of Michell Krusiec on the show.

Sam Rockwell

Tim Roth Thinks Sam Rockwell Should Do Some Social Work

Tuesday, April 19 by

About time Sam Rockwell gave back to his community.


Jon Hamm Is Smooth In ‘Bridesmaids’ International Trailer

Tuesday, April 19 by

I find his attitude refreshingly European.


Casting Round-Up: The Manson Family, An Unnecessary Sequel, And More

Tuesday, April 19 by

Get along, little doggies.


Kevin Hart To Play Steve Harvey’s Mini-Hitch

Tuesday, April 19 by



Don’t Tell Me How To Get There

Tuesday, April 19 by

Things have changed since I used to visit.


Partners Behind ‘Fringe’ Working On Top-Secret J.J. Abrams Project

Tuesday, April 19 by

All you need to know: “Swashbuckling robots with swords.”


You’re Getting More ‘Game Of Thrones’ Whether You Like It Or Not

Tuesday, April 19 by

After airing only one episode, HBO has renewed “Game of Thrones” for a second season.


Take A First Gander At ‘Rubber’ Follow-Up, ‘Wrong’

Tuesday, April 19 by

Whoa! Stevie Janowski can grow a beard!!


‘Bellflower’ Teaser Trailer Features Pretty Awesome Car

Monday, April 18 by

If I had flame throwers on my 2002 Corolla, I could burn away the morning traffic jams. The cops would pull me over and beat me senseless, but it’d be worth it.


The ‘Monopoly’ Movie Trailer Is Somewhat Here

Monday, April 18 by

Like an actual game of Monopoly, Ridley Scott’s big screen version of the board game is taking forever to complete. So this trailer is the next best thing. Or maybe better.


Michael Fassbender Uses Acting Super Powers In New ‘X-Men’ Photo

Monday, April 18 by

New still from ‘X-Men: First Class’ and also a not-yet-officially-released TV spot. See it before Marvel’s lawyers do.


Elizabeth Banks To Increase Adult Male Interest In ‘Hunger Games’?

Monday, April 18 by

Banks is in talks to star as Effie Trinket in ‘The Hunger Games’. Trinket is a beaurocrat, an escort for death-match participants and a bubbly airhead. In that order.


Kids Cry About Aliens In 5 Minute Preview Of Spielberg’s ‘Falling Skies’

Monday, April 18 by

If there are two things Steven Spielberg can’t get enough of, it’s aliens and families. I wonder how many seasons of “ALF” he owns.


Claire Danes Insists She’s Still ‘Cool’

Monday, April 18 by

Claire Danes and James Marsden star as parents of a teen in ‘As Cool As I Am’. If you still think of Danes as Angela Chase, you are old.