NBFF Review: Bodyguards And Assassins

Monday, May 2 by

The best kind of history lesson: one full of spin kicks.


Some A-Holes Haunt Clive Owen’s House In ‘Intruders’ Teaser

Monday, May 2 by

How’s Clive Owen going to get out of this one?


Review: Do Not Disturb

Monday, May 2 by

Another one of those first time films with a little something going for it.


Today’s Big News: ‘Fast Five’ Number 1 At The Box Office!

Monday, May 2 by

‘Fast Five’ is pretty much the best thing to happen to America in a while.


Review: Page One: Inside The New York Times

Monday, May 2 by

Presents all the important debates of the new media age.


Professional Hot Chick Laura Vandervoort Joins Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’

Monday, May 2 by

You’ll never guess who she’s been cast to play.


Peter Jackson Finds Two More ‘Hobbit-y’ Looking Dudes

Monday, May 2 by

Lee Pace and Dean O’Gorman are being fitted for chainmail as I type.


New Line Interested In ‘The Watching Hour’

Sunday, May 1 by

And yes, Dick Van Dyke is involved.

Balls and Money

NBFF Review: Balls To The Wall

Sunday, May 1 by

Has a good tea bagging joke. That’s about it.


Review: Thor

Sunday, May 1 by

Not enough memorable action sequences to make up for the contrived storyline.

Mayor Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston For Mayor (In ‘Rock Of Ages’)

Sunday, May 1 by

Bryan Cranston is blowing up faster and hotter than a meth lab explosion.


USA Getting On Board The Kelsey Grammer Train

Saturday, April 30 by


Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo Wants More Hookers

Saturday, April 30 by

Alternative headline: ‘Will It Be A ‘Red Light Winter’ For Mark Ruffalo?’

Hunger Games: Mark and Emerson

‘Hunger Games’ Gets Totally Foxface’d

Friday, April 29 by

Jacqueline Emerson, best “known” as voice on the animated cat-tastrophe “Father of the Pride” (see what I did back there?), will play Foxface in Lionsgate’s upcoming adaptation.

'Sleeping Beauty' Gives You The Warm Shoulder

See Emily Browning’s Hot, Sexy Back In ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Poster

Friday, April 29 by

Some of you butt, boob and leg guys out there might switch to the under appreciated back after seeing this poster below.