Challenge Accepted

Gif Recap: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ – Challenge Accepted

Tuesday, May 17 by

Last night, there was a major surprise which set the tone for next season. Hey, it was season finale, after all.


Keanu Walks Away From ‘Akira’, Possibly To Eat A Sandwich Alone On A Bench

Tuesday, May 17 by

The greatest Asian actor of his generation steps away from the project, honorably.

LIsa Edelstein

Peace Dr. Cuddy: Edelstein To Leave ‘House’ At Season’s End

Tuesday, May 17 by

She will be missed. She was a loose cannon, but she got results. No. Wait. That’s House.

Where No Dog Has Gone Before

Tuesday, May 17 by

Captain’s log includes a need for treats.


Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Tuesday, May 17 by

Astrid Berges-Frisbey plays a mermaid in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean flick.

The Zookeeper

Trailer For Kevin James’ ‘The Zookeeper’: Nothing Matters Anymore

Tuesday, May 17 by

If you were worried that Kevin James doesn’t ride a tricycle in this movie, don’t worry. You’ll be fine.


‘Bloodsport’ To Be Made Understandable To This Generation

Tuesday, May 17 by

Some of the themes of ‘Bloodsport’ are still resonant today.

Quality TV

ABC Now Stands For All ‘Bout (Drama) Clips

Tuesday, May 17 by

They’re so dramatic.


Clips From ABC’s New Comedies Comin’ Atchya

Tuesday, May 17 by

Tim Allen opens a new block of comedy this fall.

Get to da choppah!

Schwarzenegger Helped His Help Get Pregnant

Tuesday, May 17 by

The former Governator has a love child.

DVD Rundown: May 17th

Screen Junkies DVD Rundown: May 17th

Tuesday, May 17 by

Here’s the rundown of what’s available this week.


Review: The Tree Of Life

Tuesday, May 17 by

It’s like a really deep screen saver.


‘The Adventures of Tintin’ Teaser Has A Whole Mess Of Danger

Tuesday, May 17 by

The lines are so clean!

Merlin at 27

Warner Bros Tentpole ‘Merlin’ To Be Written By Some Guy

Monday, May 16 by

No pressure, unknown screenwriter Ed Whitworth, but everybody at Warner Bros is counting on you. Again, no pressure.

John McCain's mind is elsewhere...

Ed Harris Looks Constipated In New ‘Game Change’ Pic

Monday, May 16 by

Here’s a peak at Harris as John McCain, wincing in front of his supporters, looking like a maverick. Fact: mavericks dress in ties and have up-tight posture.