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Vince Gilligan Is Planning On Bringing In Walter White To ‘Better Call Saul’

Friday, June 19 by

I think we know how this will end.


Covergirl Will Be Launching A Line Of ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Makeup

Thursday, June 18 by

“Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Mace Windu.”

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Rob Zombie Will Somehow Terrify Us With A Groucho Marx Biopic

Thursday, June 18 by

I bet his eyebrows come to life or something.


Movie Science: Could Jurassic World Ever Happen?

Thursday, June 18 by

Jurassic World just destroyed box office records – but does the movie hold up scientifically? We asked some REAL scientists if the science of Jurassic World is plausible – or extinct.

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‘The Wire’ Creator Might Turn His Attention To Another Hellhole With A 1970’s Times Square Drama

Wednesday, June 17 by

If someone could bring Charles Bronson back to life, this could be good!

Whoa. Someone's been tanning!

HBO Is Pursuing Bill Simmons For A TV Show And Other Media For HBO Now

Wednesday, June 17 by

Just keep him away from the programming, unless you want wall-to-wall 80s movies.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.28.20 PM

‘Coach’ Will Return To NBC With All Those Dudes From The Original

Wednesday, June 17 by

Yup. Dauber, Luther, Coach…THE WHOLE GANG.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.25.12 PM

Emma Stone Passed On That Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie

Wednesday, June 17 by

She had franchise burn-out from the recent ‘Spider-Man’


IFC’s ‘The Spoils Before Dying’ Trailer Reveals A Twisty Murder Mystery

Wednesday, June 17 by

Ya dig?


Aaron Paul To Star In Hulu Series Completely Unrelated To ‘Breaking Bad’

Wednesday, June 17 by

Will he be able to shake Jesse Pinkman?


‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ Trailer: The Truth Comes Out

Wednesday, June 17 by

Every dog has his day.


Marvel Congratulates ‘Jurassic World’ With The Best Gift Ever

Wednesday, June 17 by

Now this is a comic I could get into.


Eli Roth Could Direct Giant Shark Movie ‘Meg’

Wednesday, June 17 by

Based on the batsh*t novel of the same name.


Keith Hernandez Is Still Cashing Checks From His ‘Seinfeld’ Appearances

Wednesday, June 17 by

Pretty, pretty good.


Woody Harrelson To Play A Pretty Chill LBJ

Wednesday, June 17 by

President Woody Harrelson. That’d be cool.


The Power Of Christ Compels You To See These 7 Badass Movie Priests

Cool-looking robes and enforced-celibacy appeal to a lot of people during brief moments in relationships, especially family gatherings, but the majority leave them as little temporary fantasies. These men kept...

5 Shows Like 24 That Aren’t Afraid To Waterboard A Terrorist

Some days you want to retreat into a world that doesn’t have friendly ponies and angst-free heroes. These are the times where you want to be in the grit and...

6 Movie Ninjas Who Can Kill In Silence

There's something to be said for the art of ninjitsu. For all of its nefarious cinematic applications, it's really beautiful in its own way. No one makes for a more...

The 10 Best TV Pilots Of the 2000’s

The last decade saw the world change drastically with several wars and a massive dip in the world economy. If you found yourself down in the This UK series is...

8 Movie Astronauts Who Are Lucky To Not Be On Apollo 18

Charlton Heston's character in "Planet of the Apes" doesn't spend a ton of time in space in the movie – just the opening scene before his spaceship crashes on the...

7 Movie Nurses Who Comforted The Ill

6 Paranormal TV Shows That Put Vampire Diaries To Shame

Sure, “Vampire Diaries“ has a few hot vampires and the odd sexy werewolf or two, but it‘s the soap of sci-fi or fantasy shows. Truth is, the show is more...

6 Hospital Moveis That Will Give you Scabies

Everyone loves hospitals. They're clean, healthy, full of nice people and potential new friends for life. So it's only reasonable that you'd want to live the "hospital life" vicariously through...

5 Shows Like Entourage That Prove That You Don’t Need Talent

Snooki and Deena drink to the point of blacking out. Snooki gets a urinary tract infection. Instead of taking care of her STD, she takes antibiotics and knowingly renders them...

5 Secretly Racist Cartoons

As a child, you may have not have realized that 5 of the most popular cartoons were secretly racist.  While they may not have aimed to be blatantly racist, they...

6 TV Gangsters You Should Fear

    Gangsters have been featured in many movies. However, serious gangsters are not portrayed as frequently on television as they are on the big screen. One of the primary...

The Guild Cast: Meet The Internet’s Hotest Show

It was only a matter of time before a series was made about the massive community of online video game players who are loyal and spend more money on video...

7 Action TV Shows That Keep The Tension High

Sometimes you need more than senseless brawls and that’s where the story behind the punches comes into play. With these seven action TV shows that keep the tension high, your...

Theres Nothing Proper About The 7 British Action Movies

No longer restricted to tea, crumpets and fisticuffs at noon, cinema from across the pond can get its hands as dirty as any American film. Although, to be fair, their

The Top 5 Harry Potter Villains

  With this year being the first in a decade that no "Harry Potter film" is being worked on or scheduled for release, those who are in Potter withdrawal can...

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