Jesus’ 9 Greatest Film Appearances

Friday, April 22 by

The power of Christ compels you to read on.

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John C. Reilly Asked To Not Make Us Laugh In ‘The Hunger Games’?

Friday, April 22 by

John C. Reilly was once an actor who didn’t make us giggle everytime he stepped on screen. Can he be again? Answer: Nope!


Kevin Bacon Shows His Skills In New ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer

Friday, April 22 by

Umm… cool power, Kevin Bacon??

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‘NEDS’ Tells The Compelling Story Of A Good Kid Going Bad

Friday, April 22 by

Being bad has never felt so Scottish.

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Emile Hirsch To Not Break Type At All As A Stoner In ‘Savages’

Friday, April 22 by

I can see this actor playing a surfer-stoner type. I guess.


Ian Holm Says Okey-Dokes To ‘Hobbit’ Role

Friday, April 22 by

Producers are going to save money by not putting Martin Freeman in old person make-up.


Liberace Biopic Shooting In The Fabulous Fall

Friday, April 22 by

The clothes may look funny, but they’re making him the money.


Michael Mann & David Milch Reach An Agreement Over ‘Luck’

Friday, April 22 by

I smell a sitcom!


Interview: ‘Sound of My Voice’ Star Brit Marling

Friday, April 22 by

When I saw Brit Marling’s movies in Sundance, I thought she was going to be the next big star. I’m still pulling for Molly Dunsworth, but Marling has a head start.


Mikaela Hoover

Friday, April 22 by

Mikaela Hoover looks to be on the rise.

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See Another Strangely Terrifying Photo Of Meryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher

Friday, April 22 by

Who will stop Streep??


Don Draper Loves His Old Fashioneds

Friday, April 22 by

Looks like he had one too many last night.


RIP Screenwriter Kevin Jarre (NOT ‘Jaffe’, TMZ)

Friday, April 22 by

The screenwriter of ‘Glory’ and ‘Tombstone’ has died.


New TV Spot Reveals How ‘Green Lantern’ Might Be Awesome

Friday, April 22 by

Yeah, sure. It looks like ‘The Mask’, but at least it doesn’t look like ‘Son Of The Mask’.


Let’s Expect To See Ralph Fiennes In Mike Newell’s ‘Great Expectations’

Friday, April 22 by

If it doesn’t work out with him, just get Gary Oldman.