Links Away: ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ As A Horror Short

Thursday, May 12 by

Director Jeff Chan got creative with the popular viral video, turning it into more than the internet ever could have expected. Apparently Charlie’s biting a lot more than just fingers…

Johnny Depp's 'Dark Shadows'

Warner Bros Forces ‘Dark Shadows’ Into The Light With Release Date

Thursday, May 12 by

Three Warner Bros movies got release dates, so mark your calendars for ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘Rivals’ and ‘Journey 2′. Or just let their incessant marketing campaigns remind you.

The Face of the Franchise

Sci-Fi Trilogy ‘Legend’ Finds A Director, Now Just Needs A Book To Adapt

Thursday, May 12 by

Levine is following the time-tested career arc of “NYC pot dealer-movie to zombie romance-movie to sci-fi blockbuster.” How cliché.

Rajskub and Garlin, Worried For Their Safety

The Safety Of Jeff Garlin And Mary Lynn Rajskub Is No Longer Guaranteed

Thursday, May 12 by

No, it’s not because they’ve become so incredibly famous that fans might mob them at a Starbucks. They joined the internet meme turned movie ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’.

Staring Contest Champion

‘The Host’ Has Found A Director (Again) In Andrew Niccol

Thursday, May 12 by

Between ‘Gattaca’ and this film, from now on, when you think “dystopia,” think Andrew Niccol.

This picture is way funnier than it should be

Robert De Niro And Diane Keaton To Disappoint Us All Even More

Thursday, May 12 by

But it’s not like they owe us anything.

Gif Recap: ‘Modern Family’ – Good Cop, Bad Dog

Thursday, May 12 by

The Brady’s had Tiger. The Bundy’s had Buck. And now the Pritchett’s have Stella.

Tree of Life

Brad Pitt Wants His Son To Hit Him As Hard As He Can

Thursday, May 12 by

No wonder Sean Penn turned out so messed up.


‘True Blood’ Season Four Teaser Offers More Of The Sexy Same

Thursday, May 12 by

It’s been a while since “True Blood” aired, so if you remember it being a legal drama, this teaser will remind you it’s not.

Craig Kilborn

Craig Kilborn Signs Development Deal With ABC To Smirk During Primetime

Thursday, May 12 by

He reminds us of a simpler time when “The Daily Show” wasn’t all up its own ass with politics.

Eisenberg stares into the abyss

Jesse Eisenberg Sought To Play America’s Lil’ Terrorist Hunter

Thursday, May 12 by

The story behind the popular website

Super 8

New ‘Super 8′ TV Spot Will Take You Back

Thursday, May 12 by

Will this be the one that finally gives the whole movie away?


Gillian Zinser

Thursday, May 12 by

Gillian Zinser is best known for her role on “90210.” She plays a surfer girl named Ivy Sullivan who shows up from time to time and does surfer girl things.

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe To (Again) Play A Politico In ‘The Knife Fight’

Thursday, May 12 by

Is America ready to forgive him for what he did to Wayne and Garth?


Blu-Ray Review: The Terminator

Thursday, May 12 by

He’s back. Again.