A Cheaper Version Of ‘Insidious’ Is Coming For Your Wallet

Tuesday, May 3 by

The days of the $30 million horror films could be over…


‘Rapture-Palooza’ In Talks With Anna Kendrick And Some Dude From ‘Bones’

Tuesday, May 3 by

“The end of the world has never been this funny!” – That’s what some dumb pull-quote will say.

The Perfect Cocktail

Gif Recap: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ – The Perfect Cocktail

Tuesday, May 3 by

The cockamouse is back…this time in .gif form!


‘Hell On Wheels’ Gives AMC Its Own ‘Deadwood’

Tuesday, May 3 by

Revenge, Railroads, Native Americans: Yup. It’s a Western all right.

Bond Product

New ‘Bond’ Film Will Shove Product Placement Down Your Throat

Tuesday, May 3 by

Aw, man! James Bond is gonna end up on a Razor Scooter for this one, isn’t he?


Scott Speer Tasked With Directing ‘Step Up 4′

Tuesday, May 3 by

He’s in the dance of his life.



Tuesday, May 3 by

Director: Anthony Burns Cast: Ashley Green, Brent Cullen, James LeGros, Taylor Handley Synopsis: In the early 1980s, in small-town Texas, dramatic events force a 19-year-old skating rink manager to look…

Boy, you ain't gonna snatch me.

Saoirse Ronan’s Body About To Get Snatched

Tuesday, May 3 by

If you’re not into ‘The Host’ by Stephenie Meyer, you can just keep watching the skies instead.

Adopt Me, Motherf*cker

Tuesday, May 3 by

Discipline him and see what happens.


Jaimie Alexander

Tuesday, May 3 by

“Nurse Jackie” actress Jaimie Alexander is about to get the goddess treatment.

Just hanging out, Bones-style

FOX Says Yes To More ‘Bones’

Tuesday, May 3 by

Get ready to have your mind blown.

Jason Sudekis feelin' loose

At Long Last, The 2011 MTV Movie Award Nominations Are In

Tuesday, May 3 by

They’re here! They’re finally here!


Will Ferrell Departs ‘The Office’, Dwight Steps Up As Acting Manager

Tuesday, May 3 by

Ferrell and Rainn Wilson offer up some spoilers.


Nathan Lane Will Live In The Shadow Of Nathan Lane

Tuesday, May 3 by

He won’t be playing Nathan Lane, but he will look a lot like himself.


In Honor Of ‘Slacker”s 20th Anniversary, They’re Making Another ‘Slacker’

Tuesday, May 3 by

‘SlacKr 2k11′ is going to be AWESOME.