The Trip

Two Comedians Eat, Drink, And Bust Balls In ‘The Trip’

Thursday, May 5 by

It’s kinda like going on a 70-minute road trip with two hilarious British friends. It’s exactly like that, actually.

Cinemas finest moment

Nathan Lane In Talks To Join Non-Stage Version Of ‘Snow White’

Thursday, May 5 by

He’s being forced to kiss Julia Roberts’ ass.

Seltzer Friedberg

‘Meet The Spartans’ Duo To Piss Us Off With ‘Biggest Movie’

Thursday, May 5 by

Judging by the entertained looks on their faces, they must not be watching one of their own movies.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Offered ‘Twins 2: The Twinening’?

Thursday, May 5 by

Or maybe ‘Triplets’ with Justin Bieber.


Woody Allen Acquires The Talents Of The Understated Roberto Benigni

Thursday, May 5 by

The world’s most annoying man has hired the world’s second-most annoying man.


Bertolucci Also Milking The 3D Trend

Thursday, May 5 by

He’s pioneering new ways of showing people doin’ it.


Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week

Thursday, May 5 by

The best, the worst, and the weirdest of what’s available to stream instantly on Netflix.


See A Trailer For ‘Colombiana’ And Try To Figure It Out

Thursday, May 5 by

A mystery, wrapped in an enigma, ensconced in a trailer.

Bat Man Gogh

Thursday, May 5 by

Post-impressionist painters should have done more superhero-themed work.

Modern Family - Mother's Day

Gif Recap: ‘Modern Family’ – Mother’s Day

Thursday, May 5 by

Ed O’Neill is awesome, Sofia Vergara is hot, and socially acceptable gay stereotypes are hilarious.

Evil Wes Bentley

‘The Hunger Games’ Could Use A Little Wes Bentley

Thursday, May 5 by

They got Bentley!


Kat Dennings

Thursday, May 5 by

A frequent face in teen comedies, Kat Dennings is taking a stab at the superhero genre with her role in Thor.

Starring Razor Ramon

See A Clip From ‘Drive’ Before Speeding Away Dramatically

Thursday, May 5 by

Hit the gas!

The Man Who Went Up A Jiggle Hill

Hugh Grant’s Voice Stolen By ‘Pirates’

Thursday, May 5 by

His adorable stammer will fetch many a dubloon.

Laser Hula Hoop ACTIVATE!

Meet 3 ‘X-Men: First Class’ Mutants, But Don’t Touch

Thursday, May 5 by

So many mutants to keep track of.