Snow White

That One ‘Snow White’ Film To Now Be Released Before That Other One

Tuesday, May 24 by

You know who’s really getting jerked around with all these schedule changes? The dwarves.


Matt Reeves Wants A Frankenstein Movie As Well, Thank You

Tuesday, May 24 by

Good to know that one of the thousand Frankenstein films in development is in able hands.

Kenny Powers Cross Stitching

Tuesday, May 24 by

Grandma just loves “Eastbound and Down.”


Two People Hospitalized Working On ‘The Hobbit: Turn Off The Dark’

Tuesday, May 24 by

One does not simply walk onto the set of ‘The Hobbit’.

The last thing you want to find while camping.

‘The Hunger Games’ Continues New Trend Of Casting People We’ve Actually Heard Of

Tuesday, May 24 by

Toby Jones has followed Stanley Tucci to the set of ‘The Hunger Games’.


Kim Lee

Tuesday, May 24 by

Model Kim Lee is occasionally referred to as the Asian Kim Kardashian.


Ridley And Tony Scott In League With ‘Pyrates’

Tuesday, May 24 by

Sleep with one eye open, gentlemen.


The Hangover Part II

Tuesday, May 24 by

Director: Todd Phillips Cast: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis Synopsis: Phil, Stu, and Alan travel to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding only to find themselves in another post-blackout misadventure. Release…

Freedom of face ink

‘Hangover 2′ Tattoo Has Legal Clearance, Release Date Unchanged

Tuesday, May 24 by

Now we can all get face tats without fear of legal repercussion.


Sofia Vergara Being Abused On ‘Three Stooges’ Set

Tuesday, May 24 by

Nyuck nyuck ouch.


Can’t Get Enough Of Hough In ‘Rock Of Ages’ Pics

Tuesday, May 24 by

It’s hard to rhyme ‘Boneta’.

Two times the crap!

15 Comedy Sequels That Make Us Worried For ‘The Hangover Part II’

Tuesday, May 24 by

If history teaches us anything, it’s that sequels to blockbuster comedy films are usually garbage.

She's an excellent listener.

Emma Roberts Is Helping Rashida Jones Divorce Andy Samberg

Tuesday, May 24 by

We’re a step closer to Eric Roberts appearing in a Digital Short.

Lenny Kravitz Hangs Out In His Favorite District

‘Hunger Games’ News: Kravitz Is A Cinna, District 12 Exposed

Monday, May 23 by

Shelby, NC residents: find the big “District 12″ lettering and it’ll lead you to Tween Hollywood History in the making.

Chris Ellis and Brett Cullen

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Bat-Nabs Chris Ellis And Brett Cullen

Monday, May 23 by

The dad from ‘Ghost Rider’ will meet Admiral Brigham from ‘Transformers’ in Gotham.