Ron Howard’s ‘The Dark Tower’ Is Turning Into The ‘Arrested Development’ Movie

Wednesday, May 25 by

Javier Bardem’s psychological commitment to the film is being called into question.

The Ward

‘The Ward’ Trailer Might Hurt A Little

Wednesday, May 25 by

John Carpenter is back, and crazier than ever.


Daniel Craig Has A Sh*tty Memory In New ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ TV Spot

Wednesday, May 25 by

We’re also given visual confirmation that these aliens are as ugly as they are pesky.


Vin Diesel Will Be In His Dark Place If You Need Him

Wednesday, May 25 by

“Can I suspend my life, to momentarily venture to that dark place… called Riddick.” – Vin Diesel

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Wants To Star In ‘Carrie’? Um, Really?

Tuesday, May 24 by

Two words: ‘Jennifer’s Body’. *Shudder*

Cary Fukunaga

Fukunaga Helms Crazy-Sounding Civil War Heist For Focus

Tuesday, May 24 by

Fukunaga (‘Jane Eyre’) will helm Focus Feature’s ‘No Blood, No Guts, No Glory’. Score another four points for a great title. Or “four score,” if you will.

Osama bin Laden

Sony Wants Kathryn Bigelow To Shoot Osama Bin Laden

Tuesday, May 24 by

Columbia Pictures has grabbed the US distribution rights for the film, to be written by ‘The Hurt Locker’ scribe Mark Boal. It’s a regular Hurt Lockereunion.


Links Away: Star Wars Meets Guns N’ Roses

Tuesday, May 24 by

Yeah. That just happened.

Home Invaded

‘Kidnapped’ Might Be The Most Disturbing Film You See This Decade

Tuesday, May 24 by

If you like foreign films, but prefer home invasions and graphic rapes to that ‘Amelie’ crap, this is your cup of tea.

DVD Releases for May 24th

Screen Junkies DVD Rundown: May 24th

Tuesday, May 24 by

New DVDs are hitting the shelves. Buy them.

Embrace the Emptiness

‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1′ Teaser Poster Sure Does Tease

Tuesday, May 24 by

The graphic designer took “twilight” and “breaking dawn” very literally.


‘Louie’ Season Two Promises To Be Pride-Effacing

Tuesday, May 24 by

Louis C.K. introduces an effective form of birth control.


Columbia Hires Scott Frank To Make ‘Houdini’ Appear

Tuesday, May 24 by

In this version, Houdini falls victim to a con artist. ‘Harry Houdini: Rube’

Two Real, Historical Figures

‘X-Men: First Class 2′ – Magneto Vs. JFK?

Tuesday, May 24 by

Director Matthew Vaughn plans to go all Multiple Man and make sequels.


‘Dexter’ Goes Face-To-Pockmarked-Face With Edward James Olmos

Tuesday, May 24 by

Dexter, scarring his cheek will only be redundant.