‘X-Men: First Class’ Writers Are Getting Screeewed

Wednesday, April 27 by

The ratio of people-to-cake is too big.


Helen Hunt Takes The Creepiest Job Imaginable

Wednesday, April 27 by

OK, maybe not the creepiest, but it has to be in the top 3.


Female Superman Villain Cast?

Wednesday, April 27 by

Kneel before Antje Traue?


Talking Mass Destruction With The ‘Fast Five’ Crew

Wednesday, April 27 by

Just how many cars were destroyed, director Justin Lin?


Milos Forman To Tell The Tale Of The Original Ponzi Scheme

Wednesday, April 27 by

Hey, wanna make some money?

She's an excellent listener.

Emma Roberts

Wednesday, April 27 by

Scream 4 actress Emma Roberts is making a name for herself. It helps that that name happens to be Roberts (as in Julia and Eric) but by all accounts the…


Gary Busey Joins ‘Piranha 3DD’. Better Cover Up, Ladies.

Wednesday, April 27 by

Those piranha don’t stand a chance.


Julianne Moore Looks Folksy In First ‘Game Change’ Pic

Wednesday, April 27 by

It’s Halloween 2008 all over again.


New Trailer For ‘X-Men: First Class’ Has Actual New Material

Wednesday, April 27 by


Bill’s Been Busy

Wednesday, April 27 by

No wonder he has no time for Ghostbusters 3.

TF31 thumb

Humans And Robots Can’t Coexist In New ‘Transformers 3′ Pics

Wednesday, April 27 by

Give peace a chance, robots.


Review: Fast Five

Wednesday, April 27 by

Not as fast and furious as one might hope.


Funnyman Ving Rhames Starring In Comedy Central’s ‘Black Jack’

Wednesday, April 27 by

He’s going to go medieval on your funny bone.


Kristen Bell Wants In On ‘Hunger Games’

Wednesday, April 27 by

But is she too well-known?

Captain America In Modern Times

Captain America To Ditch The 1940s Sooner Than Later

Tuesday, April 26 by

We know that ‘The Avengers’ movie takes place in modern times, so at some point, Captain America will have to jump from the 40s to today… but when?