Links Away: Boba Fett Witnesses IHop Brawl, Is Not Impressed

Wednesday, April 27 by

The Fett is a hardened killer. Shit like this doesn’t phase him anymore.

Ness Capone

‘Ness/Capone’ Project Proves Movie Trends Aren’t Always Awful

Wednesday, April 27 by

One more in an onslaught of mob movies sure beats all that vampire crap that wouldn’t go away.

Harry Potter and Pals

‘Deathly Hallows Part 2′ Trailer Is Here OMG Harry Potter

Wednesday, April 27 by

Time to grab yourself a bag of disgusting magical jellybeans and watch the brand new trailer for ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2: Revenge of the Hallows’.

Armie Hammer(Time)

‘Lone Ranger’ Producers Declare It (Armie) Hammer-Time

Wednesday, April 27 by

‘Lone Ranger’ isn’t as fun to say as ‘Winklevii’, but what are you gonna do? Sorkin’s not writing this one.

Anne Hathaway

Movie Finally Being Made About Regular Girl Becoming Royalty!

Wednesday, April 27 by

I have a hunch that the protagonist MIGHT metamorphose from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Oh, I hope I’m right!

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch Proves To Be A Slightly Less Random Casting Choice For ‘Three Stooges’

Wednesday, April 27 by

The Farrelly brothers cast Jane Lynch. Who do they think they are, Judd Apatow?

Geordie Shore

‘Jersey Shore’ With Brits Defeats The Purpose Of ‘Geordie Shore’

Wednesday, April 27 by

No one with a charming British accent could ever, possibly, be a bad person. Except for Ben Kingsley in ‘Sexy Beast’.


Urkel Breaks Back Into Hollywood, Harriette’s Favorite Vase

Wednesday, April 27 by

Reginald VelJohnson is going to be irate.

9 Greatest 'South Park' Ass Jokes

9 Greatest ‘South Park’ Ass Jokes

Wednesday, April 27 by

Since the show’s inception, the anus has featured prominently in Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s plot lines.

Sony Animation

‘Instant Karma’ Is Gonna Get Sony Animation

Wednesday, April 27 by

If they can shoehorn Jessica Rabbit into this live-action/CGI project, then all the better.


‘X-Men: First Class’ Writers Are Getting Screeewed

Wednesday, April 27 by

The ratio of people-to-cake is too big.


Helen Hunt Takes The Creepiest Job Imaginable

Wednesday, April 27 by

OK, maybe not the creepiest, but it has to be in the top 3.


Female Superman Villain Cast?

Wednesday, April 27 by

Kneel before Antje Traue?


Talking Mass Destruction With The ‘Fast Five’ Crew

Wednesday, April 27 by

Just how many cars were destroyed, director Justin Lin?


Milos Forman To Tell The Tale Of The Original Ponzi Scheme

Wednesday, April 27 by

Hey, wanna make some money?