Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Scream 2′

Friday, April 15 by

Here are your weekend links.

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Anna Faris’ Real Life Roommate Experience To Become Real Life Movie

Friday, April 15 by

Anna Faris has the roommate from hell. Well, she did. And now she has to relive that harrowing experience for audiences.


ActionFest Review: ‘Bail Enforcers’

Friday, April 15 by

If you’re ever at ActionFest, and they’re showing Bail Enforcers, and Trish Stratus is there to present the film, I highly recommend you take advantage of that opportunity.


ActionFest Review: ’13 Assassins’

Friday, April 15 by

I knew when I saw it this was something special, but it kind of took me two viewings to process it all.


Review: ‘Henry’s Crime’

Friday, April 15 by

I don’t think it’s great or memorable, but as one of the unorthodox releases this weekend, it may interest some of you.

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Ryan Gosling To Maybe Not Be The Lone Ranger In ‘The Lone Ranger’

Friday, April 15 by

Gosling’s greatest acting challenge yet? That’s not rhetorical. No, this shouldn’t be a challenging role at all. Whatever role that is.

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UPDATED: Of Course ‘The Hangover Part 2′ Monkey Is Addicted To Cigarettes

Friday, April 15 by

This is way worse than fur. Way funnier, too.


Watch The ‘Fast Five’ World Premiere. Right Here!

Friday, April 15 by

Starting TODAY at 4:30pm PT, we’re streaming the world premiere of Fast Five live from Rio de Janeiro.


Nestor Probably Excited To Be In Talks For ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Friday, April 15 by

He’ll make best efforts to clear his schedule.


AMC To Start Producing Oxymoronic High-Quality Reality TV

Friday, April 15 by

It would be kind of funny to see someone get voted out of the Department of Homeland Security.


‘The Paul Reiser Show’ Should Have Been Called ‘The No One Is Watching This Show’

Friday, April 15 by

Poor Paul Reiser.


Mickey Rourke Deeply Sorry For Suggesting ‘Passion Play’ Not A Masterpiece

Friday, April 15 by

Can America forgive Mickey Rourke?


Canada Is Trying To C-Block Netflix

Friday, April 15 by

If this happens, I’ll never forgive Kevin Spacey.


Shenae Grimes

Friday, April 15 by

Scream 4 actress Shenae Grimes hails from the frozen winterlands of the great northern expanse, an area some refer to as Canada.


WB To Bring ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ To The Small Screen?

Friday, April 15 by

In the future, everyone will be Batman for 15 minutes.