Check Out The New Au Pair On ‘The League’

Tuesday, October 18 by

“Au pair,” is French for “hot woman who is not married to you.”


Check Out A Busty Clip From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

Tuesday, October 18 by

There are breasts involved.

Links Away: Zombie in a Penguin Suit

Monday, October 17 by


Taiwanese Animation Fortells Red Sox Downfall (TotalProSports)

Megan Daniels Hotness (GorillaMask)

Laura Moro Hotness (CagePotato)

Gene Hackman vs Wes Anderson (FilmDrunk)

Horrifying Childhood Hair Styles (Smosh)

Sesame Street Gets Hacked With…Porn? (Holytaco)

Mandy Moore Leaked Photo! (CelebJihad)

Too Soon Halloween Costume of the Year is…(Unreality)

Bootilicious Booty (DoubleViking)

STD App (SocialHype)

Statham to Star in New Transformers?!? (Slashfilm)

Charlie Chan At The Opera Review (31Nights)

Katy Perry Hotter Than Rihanna? (MadeMan)

Brookyln Decker Swimsuit Hotness (Ehowa)

Zombie…In a Penquin Suit (USAToday)

Getting Rid of Smell Feet (ModernMan)

Ah, the Bachelorette Party (WarmingGlow)

Why We Dont Need Game Manuels Any More (GameFront)



16 Real Life Superheroes Who May Or May Not Make You Feel Safer

Monday, October 17 by

If no one has claimed the identity of “The Rabid Panda,” I would like to go on record as having dibs on that.

I should have worn a differnt outfit to this speech!

12 Celebrities Who Stood Up For Mel Gibson

Monday, October 17 by

They got you, Mel.

George Lucas was apparently able to find an Eddie Bauer store on a planet far, far away.

Hey, George Lucas! This ‘Star Wars’ Producer Didn’t Like The Prequels Either

Monday, October 17 by

He doesn’t say it outright, but I get the feeling he’s not a fan of the films due to their overall shittiness.

He lives his life 500 miles at a time.

In Memory Of Dan Wheldon: Our 7 Favorite Movie Race Car Drivers

Monday, October 17 by

Taxi drivers don’t count, because they can’t really drive.


‘Pan Am’ Actress Margot Robbie

Monday, October 17 by

Rumor has it the show’s working title was “Chicks on a Plane.”

"Live long and brunch."

Set Phasers To Gay: Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto Comes Out

Monday, October 17 by

Now gay teens will get bullied for being nerds.

So long...

Thoughts On Leonard Nimoy’s Retirement

Monday, October 17 by

Leonard Nimoy: a.k.a. The “Straight” Spock…

Sadly, this is one of the better works by entrants on this list.

6 Musicians With “Talent” Behind the Camera

Monday, October 17 by

Mediocre musicians make mediocre filmmakers. Great musicians make mediocre filmmakers. Crappy musicians never get enough attention to become filmmakers.


Robert Kirkman Hardly Noticed Frank Darabont Left ‘The Walking Dead’

Monday, October 17 by

If he hadn’t worn such vibrant shirts, he wouldn’t have noticed at all.


Hollywood’s Top 10 Best Bad Girls

Monday, October 17 by

The few, the proud.

When you stare into the abyss, The Talking Dead stares back at you.

‘The Talking Dead’ Is Even More Pointless Than My Existence

Sunday, October 16 by

When you stare into the abyss, The Talking Dead stares back at you.


Marvel Releases Info On Phase 2 Of The ‘Avengers’ Initiative

Sunday, October 16 by

Still not sure what they’re avenging, though.

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