The Mighty

Paramount To Gamble On A Superhero Movie

Thursday, June 2 by

A superhero movie? It’ll never work.


Paul Greengrass Might Actually Direct A Movie

Thursday, June 2 by

It will either be about Tom Hanks fighting pirates or racecars. To clarify, Tom Hanks won’t be fighting racecars.


Josh Lucas Joins ‘The Firm’ (Not The Rap Supergroup)

Thursday, June 2 by

Josh Lucas is now the proud owner of a stylish NBC tote.


Redford And Nolte Take A Hike In ‘A Walk In The Woods’

Thursday, June 2 by

Robert Redford and Nick Nolte could be teaming up to make the blondest, wrinkliest film of all time.


Martin Scorsese To Expose Hot, Heavy Taylor/Burton Affair?

Wednesday, June 1 by

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are like the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of the 60s and 70s, only with eighty less adopted children.


Evel Knievel Is Motorcycle Jumping Back Into Your Heart With Biopic

Wednesday, June 1 by

But will Ric Roman Waugh direct the movie… on fire?


Carla Gugino

Wednesday, June 1 by

Actress Carla Gugino is best know for her roles in Watchmen, Sin City, and HBO’s “Entourage.”


‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ To Tinker In November

Wednesday, June 1 by

Can’t wait for ‘Dark Knight Rises’? You can see Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy in theaters this year, albeit in a movie that’s not about Batmen.


Julianne Hough

Wednesday, June 1 by

Today’s dancing girl is Julianne Hough, a Utah native who came to “Dancing with the Stars” in Season 4 and promptly won that season’s competish with her partner, Olympian Apollo…


The 100 Greatest Movie Threats Of All Time

Wednesday, June 1 by

Movie characters don’t mince their words.


Emma Stone

Wednesday, June 1 by

Emma Stone is the redheaded best friend who you wish you could have hooked up with in your Millenium Falcon bed back in high school.


R.I.P. Harry Redmond Jr., Special Effects Artist

Wednesday, June 1 by

You know you’re getting on in years when your IMDB page includes special effects for ‘King Kong’. Not the Peter Jackson one, or the ancient Charles Grodin one. The Fay Wray one.


Megan Fox

Wednesday, June 1 by

Megan Fox has always been one of our favorite go to movie girls.


‘Pirates 5′ Director Whirlpool Includes Sam Raimi And Shawn Levy?

Wednesday, June 1 by

Which director will Disney set sail with? Hey, that pun kinda works with the visual themes of the movie. Great.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Joins ‘The Three Stooges’ Because…What’s The Point Any More?

Wednesday, June 1 by

At this point, I’m half-expecting the producers to announce they have just signed on Christian Slater to play some long-lost fourth stooge.