I hate it when that happens...

The ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Board Game

Friday, September 23 by

All the sex, violence and alcohol from the TV show in a form the whole family can enjoy.

Links Away: Fo’ Minutes of Dragon Tattooness

Thursday, September 22 by


LeBron Pokes Fun Of Himself (TotalProSports)

Chelsea Brooke Sexiness (GorillaMask)

Tana Ashlee Sexiness (CagePotato)

Nic Cage: Reluctant Vigilante (FilmDrunk)

The Internet’s Best FMLs (Smosh)

Mom and Pop Brothels Fear Walmart Sized Brothels (Holytaco)

Pippa Middleton’s Upskirt Pic (CelebJihad)

This Is A Little Too Real (Unreality)

Underboob Sexiness (DoubleViking)

Matthew Vaughn Not Making Kick Ass 2 (Slashfilm)

Hotties On Boats (MadeMan)

Kim Kardashian Vacation Pics (Ehowa)

The Best SNL Sketches Of All Time (ContentUSA)

11 Great Underdog Sports Movies (ModernMan)

Kaley Cuoco Hotness (Maxim)

X Factor Ratings Bomb (WarmingGlow)

Movie Stars With Porn Names (NextMovie)

Diablo 3 Beta Walkthrough (GameFront)

Latinos In Video Games (TuVez)

Ted Danson Makes His CSI Debut (AolTV)

Rihanna In Rio (EgoTastic)


invoking its right to remain hackneyed.

Characters We Keep Running Into On ‘SVU’

Thursday, September 22 by

I had the mayor and the commissioner all over my ass to create this list.


Check Out A Nightmarish New Promo Clip For ‘American Horror Story’

Thursday, September 22 by

Bad dreams are the worst dreams.

Same ole', same ole'

7 Things We Know About ‘Community’ Season 3

Thursday, September 22 by

Here’s what we know about ‘Community’ season three. We know seven things, no more, no less.

This is how orgies start.

No, For Reals: ‘Extreme Musical Chairs’ Is Going To Be A Show

Thursday, September 22 by

It’s not just you. The world is getting dumber.

Meet the enemy.

Space Junk: 5 Movie Satellites That Could Kill Us All

Thursday, September 22 by

I advise that you go outside and fire wildly into the sky.

Why I Prefer Cat Feces to Simon Cowell.

‘X Factor’ Is Somehow More Disgusting Than ‘Animal Hoarding’

Thursday, September 22 by

Cat feces is preferable to ‘X Factor’…

With your host: Chris Hardwick

AMC Orders ‘Walking Dead’ After Show ‘Talking Dead’

Thursday, September 22 by

I see what they did there.

That's some fine acting, Lily!

Lily Collins And 9 Other Hot Rock Star Daughters Who Went On To Act

Thursday, September 22 by

Special thanks to Aerosmith for making some really hot girls…

The Dan Without A Face

Curl Up With ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Trailer

Thursday, September 22 by

I never knew reading could be so much fun!

Nice shirt.

5 Careers Taylor Lautner Should Pursue Besides Acting

Thursday, September 22 by

There are so many jobs more fulfilling than “B-list movie star.” Just ask my mechanic, Michael Dudikoff.

Links Away: Liam Neeson Punches a Wolf

Wednesday, September 21 by

The Most Embarassing Play of 2011 (TotalProSports)

Rali Ivanova Hotness (GorillaMask)

Joseph Gordon Leavitt as Robin? (FilmDrunk)

The Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements of all Time (Smosh)

Kate Walsh Roasting Who? (Holytaco)

Miley Cyrus In Her Hotel Room (CelebJihad)

The Devolution of George Lucas (Unreality)

Hottie On The Beach (DoubleViking)

Renner is the King of Heists (Slashfilm)

The Sexiest Pop Posters of all time (MadeMan)

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Hotness (Ehowa)

How’s Ashton On Two and a Half..? (USAToday)

The Best Asian Sauces Out There (ModernMan)

Sarah Michelle Gellar Hotness (Maxim)

TV Inspired video game Fails (WarmingGlow)

Thoughts On The Max Payne 3 trailer (Gamefront)

Our Favorite Latino painters (TuVez)

Lautners Favorite Films (RottenTomatoes)

Hot Babes Named Michelle (BarstoolSports)

Oh, they're going to have a great time on set!

Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, And James Franco Join ‘Jay And Seth Vs. The Apocalypse’

Wednesday, September 21 by

All these guys are beginning to resemble a dorky, but powerful gang.

"What you mean you don't got ultralounges in Downer's Grove?"

5 Couples We’d Like To See On ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

Wednesday, September 21 by

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock were deemed ineligible for consideration this year.

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