I got some on my chin...

In Honor Of Schweddy Balls: 7 Movie And TV-Inspired Ben & Jerry’s Flavors

Thursday, September 8 by

You know your balls taste great when an ice cream is named in their honor. Congratulations, Alec Baldwin!

We actually do think this is a sharp look, thank you very much.

Iconic 80’s Movie Fashions We Want Brought Back

Thursday, September 8 by

In honor of the return of Marty McFly’s sneakers.

To boldly go where no "man" has gone before...

45 Years, 45 Sexy ‘Star Trek’ Girls

Thursday, September 8 by

Happy birthday, Star Trek. I made you this girl gallery.


‘Human Centipede 2′ Teaser: Meet The New Creep

Thursday, September 8 by

Is that the kid from ‘The Sandlot’?

Well, it certainly puts me in a tackling mood.

7 Insulting NFL Pop-Music Crossovers

Thursday, September 8 by

They should all be Theismanned.


A Look At The New Blood In ‘Dexter’ Season Six

Thursday, September 8 by

Damn you, Dexter. You’ve pulled me back in.

Links Away: Neverending Story Dog FTW

Wednesday, September 7 by

Sexy Football Babes Gallery (TotalProSports)

Bahara Hotness (GorillaMask)

Overeems Greatest Knockouts (CagePotato)

Stone Cold Breakdown (FilmDrunk)

What Happened To Famous Disney Characters? (Smosh)

Chinese Knock Off Predator Drone Explodes (Holytaco)

Miranda Kerr Flashes (CelebJihad)

Benjamin Linus Revisted (Unreality)

Hottest Self Pic Of The Day (DoubleViking)

Frank Marshall Is A Tease (Slashfilm)

Pat Willis Wants You To Prove Yourself (MadeMan)

Ali Larters Hot Ass (Ehowa)

Reality Show For Nerds? (USAToday)

How To Get Wasted At Work (ModernMan)

Sanaa Nathan Hotness (Maxim)

Nick Cannon: Read A Book? (WarmingGlow)

Epic Cacodemon Nail Polish (GameFront)

Jo Garcia Sexiness (TuVez)

Sexy Babe Named Linda (BostonBarstool)

Candace Swanpoel Hotness (Egotastic)

Famous Movie Panty Scenes (Gunaxin)



Look me in the eye and tell me there isn't a possibility that's Michael Shannon or someone of his approximate carriage.

Michael Shannon Goes All Mo-Cap On Our Asses In ‘Man of Steel’

Wednesday, September 7 by

If that’s not a mo-cap suit, but rather a costume, then the costume designer ought to be executed where he or she stands.

Her story must be told.

6 Rock Stars Who Deserve Their Own Biopics (Besides Keith Richards)

Wednesday, September 7 by

Not all music biopics have to be sad. Some can be ridiculous.

Clearly, she's never watched the show.

Lisa Nolan Walks Off ‘Game Of Thrones’ Over Nude Scene

Wednesday, September 7 by

Obviously she’s not a reader.

Lookin' good, Keith!

Start Procuring The Fake Cocaine For The Keith Richards Biopic

Wednesday, September 7 by

Who ever they pick to play him, they’ll have to skinny him up in post.

What music should be.

Wyld Stallyns Rule: 8 TV and Movie Bands We Would Actually Listen To

Wednesday, September 7 by

Because “edgy and original” is often horribly overrated.

This is not OK!

36 Movies Where Grown Men Hang Out With Young Boys

Wednesday, September 7 by

Seriously. How many kids are you friends with?


Christina Ricci

Wednesday, September 7 by

Chrstina Ricci is Kathy McGee in ‘Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star.’

So long, Uncle Frank!

Jimmy Kimmel Says Goodbye To Uncle Frank

Wednesday, September 7 by

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the titular host paid a tribute to his dearly departed Uncle Frank, who passed away earlier this year. Normally, when I see a man…

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