Kimberly Whalen

Thursday, May 26 by

Kimberly Whalen appears in Terrence Mallick’s The Tree of Life.


FOX ‘Narrows Down’ Potential ‘Wolverine’ Directors To 8

Thursday, May 26 by

Does it even count as ‘narrowing down’ if there are still 8 names left?


See Abed’s Cameo On ‘Cougar Town’ As Promised By ‘Community’

Thursday, May 26 by

It’s a Special Relationship.


Katrina Bowden Brings Her Sexiest Living Woman Powers To ‘American Reunion’

Thursday, May 26 by

Phew! I was worried an ‘American Pie’ film wouldn’t feature any hot chicks for a second there.


Will Ferrell Sits In The Hot Seat ‘Between Two Ferns’

Thursday, May 26 by

Given Zach’s track record, this could have spiraled into disaster a lot quicker.


Malick’s Next Will Be Harder To Watch Than ‘The Tree Of Life’

Thursday, May 26 by

And not just because it has Ben Affleck in it.


Jose Padilha To RoboDirect ‘Tri-Border’

Wednesday, May 25 by

Brazilian director Padilha (the ‘Robocop’ remake) is going into dangerous territory. Like, future Detroit dangerous.


Fox To Stoners: Bring Your Tree Bong To ‘Tree Of Life’

Wednesday, May 25 by

Fox Searchlight is trying to spark (light up?) the interest of a certain audience via Twitter.

Beckinsale, Biel and Bill Nighy

Official Bidness: Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel And Bill Nighy Join ‘Total Recall’

Wednesday, May 25 by

One of these actors will play Quatto. Is it… Jessica Biel?


Links Away: Jaws Is A Maneater

Wednesday, May 25 by

Bloody shark attacks seem so much less disturbing when set to upbeat music.


‘Shark Night 3D’ Trailer: College Is All About Sharks And Boobs

Wednesday, May 25 by

Ladies: protect your boobs from sharks… at all costs.

3 out of 7 Dwarves

Relativity’s ‘Snow White’ Casts Dwarves Aplenty

Wednesday, May 25 by

Where are your seven dwarves, Kristen Stewart? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Lend Me Some Sugar. I Am Your Neighbor.

Terence Winter Discusses ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 2: (Spoiler Alert) More Conflict!

Wednesday, May 25 by

Disguised as a “set tour,” this is really just a rundown of what we can expect next year.

Jon Hamm Shows You What Acting Looks Like

‘Bridesmaids’ Outtakes: Jon Hamm Likes It Kinky

Wednesday, May 25 by

Kristen Wiig, kindly let Mr. Hamm “drive the bus.”

Try to erase this from the blackbooooooarrrrrddd

Pearl Jam Doc Can’t Find A ‘Better Man’ To ‘Go’ Direct It. ‘Jeremy’.

Wednesday, May 25 by

Crowe will release the doc to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pearl Jam. In unrelated news: I’m so old I want to cry.