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Andy Samberg Is Now In Charge Of ‘Shark Week’

Wednesday, April 20 by

All hail the king of the deep ocean. ALL HAIL ANDY SAMBERG!

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Check Out Some Gloomy Images From ‘Batman: Year One’

Wednesday, April 20 by

Why’s Batman so angry all the time? Cheer up, Batman!


R.I.P. Tim Hetherington

Wednesday, April 20 by

The ‘Restrepo’ documentarian is feared dead in Libya.


Carrie Underwood

Wednesday, April 20 by

“American Idol” winner Carrie Underwood recently tried her hand at acting, appearing in Soul Surfer.


Catherine Zeta-Jones Latest To Be Suckered Into ‘Rock of Ages’

Wednesday, April 20 by

Michael Douglas is going to be furious.


Ummmm Hey, Bert…

Wednesday, April 20 by

Real Bert is really terrifying.


23 Directors And Producers Form A Fellowship To Cast VOD Into Mordor

Wednesday, April 20 by

One does not simply pay 30 dollars to get into Mordor.


John Luessenhop To Direct Leatherface’s Next Massacre

Wednesday, April 20 by

The ‘Takers’ director will lead the dissection of sexy teens in ‘Leatherface 3D’


Spot The Differences In New Int. ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer

Wednesday, April 20 by

Another day, another ‘X-Men: First Class’ trailer.


Justin Long Is Going To Murder His Best Man

Wednesday, April 20 by

In ‘Lumpy’, Tyler Labine will co-star as the life and death of the party.


Joey Pants And Soul Glo Join ‘How To Make It In America’

Wednesday, April 20 by

If we wish hard enough, this will lead to Joe Pantoliano wearing a Soul Glo wig.


‘Fast Five’ Interactive Trailer: Click All Over Jordana Brewster

Tuesday, April 19 by

In this trailer for ‘Fast Five’, you click on stuff and info videos pop-up. Click, click, click. Fun.


Mark Cuban: “Anyone Wanna Buy The Indie Movie Business?”

Tuesday, April 19 by

Cuban is putting indie film distribution company Magnolia Pictures and the big art house theater chain Landmark Theatres up for sale. It ain’t the 90s anymore, amiright?


John Krasinski To Smile Smugly In ‘Nobody Walks’?

Tuesday, April 19 by

John Krasinski is also most-likely leaving “The Office,” but just briefly to work on an indie movie. You’ll still have Jim around next season, talking about that baby.


Mutants Won’t Look At Each Other In New ‘X-Men’ Poster

Tuesday, April 19 by

In Fox’s new poster for ‘X-Men: First Class’, we see Beast, Mystique, and a bunch of non-blue muties all walking in different directions. Or standing around. Whatever.