The January Jones/Emma Frost Underwear Shots We’ve All Been Waiting For

Thursday, May 26 by

Emma Frost will definitely make you go stiff.


Albert Hughes Splits From ‘Akira’, But Sticks With Warner Bros

Thursday, May 26 by

It’s looks like ‘Menace II Society’ and ‘Akira’ won’t have the same director after all.


Uglydolls To Be A Movie, Because Why Not?

Thursday, May 26 by

What’s your favorite Uglydoll? I like the ugly one!


‘The Hangover Part II’ Is Going To Make A Lot Of Money

Thursday, May 26 by



‘Men In Black’ Will Smith And Josh Brolin Have Sweet Jetpacks In New Set Pics

Thursday, May 26 by

‘Men In Black 3′ follows the law of trilogies established by ‘RoboCop’: Always include jetpacks in the third film. Always.

Futurama Credit Card

Thursday, May 26 by

What’s in your wallet? If the answer is “this card,” you’re friggen awesome.

Muppets 2

New Teaser For ‘The Muppets’ Tries To Put One Over On You Again

Thursday, May 26 by

Nice try, Muppets!


Kimberly Whalen

Thursday, May 26 by

Kimberly Whalen appears in Terrence Mallick’s The Tree of Life.


FOX ‘Narrows Down’ Potential ‘Wolverine’ Directors To 8

Thursday, May 26 by

Does it even count as ‘narrowing down’ if there are still 8 names left?


See Abed’s Cameo On ‘Cougar Town’ As Promised By ‘Community’

Thursday, May 26 by

It’s a Special Relationship.


Katrina Bowden Brings Her Sexiest Living Woman Powers To ‘American Reunion’

Thursday, May 26 by

Phew! I was worried an ‘American Pie’ film wouldn’t feature any hot chicks for a second there.


Will Ferrell Sits In The Hot Seat ‘Between Two Ferns’

Thursday, May 26 by

Given Zach’s track record, this could have spiraled into disaster a lot quicker.


Malick’s Next Will Be Harder To Watch Than ‘The Tree Of Life’

Thursday, May 26 by

And not just because it has Ben Affleck in it.


Jose Padilha To RoboDirect ‘Tri-Border’

Wednesday, May 25 by

Brazilian director Padilha (the ‘Robocop’ remake) is going into dangerous territory. Like, future Detroit dangerous.


Fox To Stoners: Bring Your Tree Bong To ‘Tree Of Life’

Wednesday, May 25 by

Fox Searchlight is trying to spark (light up?) the interest of a certain audience via Twitter.