Links Away: Child Predators On Dagobah

Friday, September 9 by


Why You’re Doing It Wrong (TotalProSports)

Muppets Movie Trivia (Moviefone)

Nikki Summer Hotness (GorillaMask)

Joe Son Gets Life In Prison (CagePotato)

The Film Guide To Happy Madison Movies (FilmDrunk)

The Best Fictional Teachers Ever (Smosh)

Fox News vs Video Games (Holytaco)

Katy Perry’s Boob Show (CelebJihad)

St. Mario vs The Dragon (Unreality)

Painfully Hot Girl of the Day (DoubleViking)

Bobcat Goldwaits Newest Comedy (SlashFilm)

How 9/11 Changed Stuff (MadeMan)

Jenny McCarthy Bikini Pics (Ehowa)

Superstar at 76 (USAToday)

How To Get The Best Shave Ever (MadeMan)

Emmanuelle Chirqui Hotness (Maxim)

Ashton Kutcher Gets Naked On Ellen (WarmingGlow)

Epic Space Marine Review (GameFront)

Zoraida Gomez Hotness (TuVez)


"Peanut butter...{mechanical breathing noise} ... Jelly Time."

9 Movie-Viewing Gadgets That Will Make You Look Like A Geek

Friday, September 9 by

Style is a small price to pay for the ability to watch ‘Torchwood’ on your watch.

That kid from 'Jerry Maguire' sure did grow up fast.

Robert Zemeckis To Make Denzel A Heroic Pilot In ‘Flight’

Friday, September 9 by

If I see so much as one mo-cap pingpong ball within fifteen feet of Denzel, so help me God, I’m burning down that set.

"Stop theese crazy thiiiinngg!!!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger In Talks For Indie ‘Captive’

Friday, September 9 by

Arnold just wants to act, man.

Gwyneth reacts to seeing her 'Glee' performance.

11 Scariest Disease Outbreaks In Movies

Friday, September 9 by

Pass the hand sanitizer. I don’t want to become a zombie.

Note: The first three rows are the "splash zone."

A Porn Studio Is Building An Underground Bunker For The Apocalypse

Friday, September 9 by

I think the survivors will envy the dead in this scenario.

If you hate HazMat suits, this may not be the movie for you.

‘Contagion’ Review: “It’s Like ‘Traffic’, But With A Disease Instead Of Drugs.”

Friday, September 9 by

‘Contagion’ doesn’t care if you feel bad for these people.

'Sons of Anarchy' (In case you missed the jackets).

Ten Most Bad Ass Moments So Far On ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Friday, September 9 by

This list contains all sorts of bad-assery…

The last dude you want to give fridge privileges.

To Promote ‘The Sitter’, Jonah Hill Is Taking Your Calls

Friday, September 9 by

Holla at yo’ boi this weekend.

Football's back. Let's get wasted!

The 2011 NFL Television Guide

Friday, September 9 by

Get ready for some football. Or don’t. Your call.

Judah Maccabee - Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson To Jew It Up With Judah Maccabee Film

Thursday, September 8 by

In all fairness, Jews have been making movies about Nazis for years…

Links Away: Warrior Music Video

Thursday, September 8 by

Warrior: Music Video – Watch more Movie Trailers


Mike McCarthy’s Sexual Gesture (TotalProSports)

Maya Michelle Rew Hotness (GorillaMask)

Brother vs Brother MMA Fights We Actually Want To See (CagePotato)

Ryan Gosling Is Better Than You (FilmDrunk)

Awkward Online Dating Profile Pics (Smosh)

The Worst Ideas For Beauty Pageant Costumes (Holytaco)

Emma Watson On All Fours (CelebJihad)

Scott Campbells 80s Cartoons (Unreality)

Hottie With An Attitude (DoubleViking)

Sheen In Roman Coppolas Newest (SlashFilm)

Neil Diamond And The Science Of Dating Younger Women (MadeMan)

Jenny McCarthy Bikini Hotness (Ehowa)

South Park Creators Crash NYU Classroom (USAToday)

How To Sleep Better (ModernMan)

How To Easily Avoid Death (Maxim)

Jonathon Taylor Thomas Turns 30 (WarmingGlow)

Replay Value Sans Multiplayer (GameFront)

Will Anyone See Saving Private Perez? (TuVez)

Home Improvement Reunion (TheDailyWhat)


1996 would have loved this!

Eight Other People Who Would Have Made Great Oscar Hosts 15 Years Ago

Thursday, September 8 by

1996 would love these hosts!

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen To Become Roman Coppola’s Problem In ‘A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charlie Banks’

Thursday, September 8 by

But will it conflict with his regular gig on ‘Two and a Half Men’?

Dancin' machine Peyton Manning

Let’s Watch Peyton Manning’s Funniest Moments (Since We Probably Won’t Be Watching Him On The Field)

Thursday, September 8 by

He’s like the Louis C.K. of football. Yup.

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