Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak!!

9 Greatest Movie Animal Escapes

Wednesday, October 19 by

The Army of the Twelve Monkeys has attacked Ohio!


‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ Actress Elizabeth Olsen

Wednesday, October 19 by

A.K.A “The Secret Olsen Twin.”


Puss in Boots

Wednesday, October 19 by

The sword-fighting gato goes off on an adventure of his own.

We all have a past.

Melissa McCarthy Is Getting Her Own Movie And Naming It ‘Tammy’

Wednesday, October 19 by

She’s a bonafide star.


5 Documentary Filmmakers Who Could Be Movie Villains

Wednesday, October 19 by

Ken Burns is terrifying.


9 Ultimate Movie Wingmen

Wednesday, October 19 by

Don’t go into combat without your wingman.


‘Piranha 3DD’ Teaser Delivers All Of Its Promises

Wednesday, October 19 by

They’re evolving!!

Links Away: Fake English Win

Tuesday, October 18 by


Taiwanese Animation Fortells Red Sox Downfall (TotalProSports)

Megan Daniels Hotness (GorillaMask)

Laura Moro Hotness (CagePotato)

The Top 49 Men Out There (AskMen)

Gene Hackman vs Wes Anderson (FilmDrunk)

Horrifying Childhood Hair Styles (Smosh)

Sesame Street Gets Hacked With…Porn? (Holytaco)

Mandy Moore Leaked Photo! (CelebJihad)

Too Soon Halloween Costume of the Year is…(Unreality)

Bootilicious Booty (DoubleViking)

STD App (SocialHype)

Statham to Star in New Transformers?!? (Slashfilm)

Charlie Chan At The Opera Review (31Nights)

Katy Perry Hotter Than Rihanna? (MadeMan)

Brookyln Decker Swimsuit Hotness (Ehowa)

Zombie…In a Penquin Suit (USAToday)

Getting Rid of Smell Feet (ModernMan)

Ah, the Bachelorette Party (WarmingGlow)

Why We Dont Need Game Manuels Any More (GameFront)

RDJ was able to bounce back!

7 Anti-Drug Films That Make Us Really Want To Do Drugs

Tuesday, October 18 by

Yeah, I know, I know. “Don’t do drugs.”

Batman cleans up Zuccotti Park.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ To Occupy Wall Street

Tuesday, October 18 by

Those people will tear Bruce Wayne apart.


11 Celebrities Who Have Been In Bar Brawls

Tuesday, October 18 by

Unlike Shia, some of them won!!

They should have drawn a dick on his face. (I would be the worst journalist.)

This News Team Can’t Wake Up Harry Belafonte!!!

Tuesday, October 18 by

I bet he was dreaming about waffles. I sometimes dream about waffles.

It's so well-shaped and cocksure. It must be feared and respected.

The 9 Most Intimidating Movie Moustaches

Tuesday, October 18 by

We’re gearing up for Movember


‘The Three Musketeers’ Actress Milla Jovovich

Tuesday, October 18 by

She’s trading zombie mutants for French aristocracy.

He's already dating Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, which is pretty much the only requirement for the gig.

‘Transformers’ Might Shoot Installments 4 And 5 Back-To-Back With Jason Statham

Tuesday, October 18 by

Will Jason Statham help the franchise garner critical success to match its commercial success? Nope.

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