‘Source Code’ Coming To VOD 2 Weeks Before The Bomb Explodes

Tuesday, May 31 by

Did I say ‘the bomb explodes’? I meant ‘the DVD comes out’.

Ira Glass

‘The Girlfriend Equation’ Will Assign Odds To Your Love Life

Tuesday, May 31 by

Ira Glass has decided to calculate the odds of you finding love. In related news, Ira Glass should mind his own damn business.


See Alec Baldwin And Russell Brand In First ‘Rock Of Ages’ Photo

Tuesday, May 31 by

Baldwin got a Twitter, too.


Tarantino Wants DiCaprio For ‘Django Unchained’, Unless He Doesn’t

Tuesday, May 31 by

We won’t believe it until we hear it from the horse’s jittery, fast-talking mouth.


Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Hangover II’ Swimming In Gold Coins

Tuesday, May 31 by

Summer has begun, ladies and gentlemen.


Your Jones Is Almost Over; ‘Breaking Bad’ Returns July 17th

Tuesday, May 31 by

This show is so good. I get the shakes when it is not on the air.


Gemma Chan

Tuesday, May 31 by

Submarine actress Gemma Chan is a former model and once competed on “Project Catwalk.”


Matthew Modine ‘A Key Villain’ In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Tuesday, May 31 by

Matthew Modine – Key villain or king of the dudes?


Tim Burton Has No Plans To Make A 3D ‘Dark Shadows’

Tuesday, May 31 by

But don’t get him wrong. He’s still a fan of silly glasses.


Donald Sutherland Elected President Of ‘The Hunger Games’

Tuesday, May 31 by

Hail to the chief.


Sookie Goes To Electric Fairy Land In ‘True Blood’ Clip

Tuesday, May 31 by

Fairy Land looks like a really high-end Olive Garden.


Hugo Weaving Will Star Alongside Hugo Weaving In Wachowskis ‘Cloud Atlas’

Tuesday, May 31 by

The Wachowskis have once again called upon Hugo Weaving because of his talent for playing a f*ckload of dudes.


‘The Hobbit’ Confirms Additional Titles, Because ‘The Hobbit’ Isn’t Enough

Monday, May 30 by

And no, one of them is not ‘The Squeakquel”

Hakuna Matata, Bitch

Monday, May 30 by

It means no worries for the rest of your days…which are numbered.


Idris Elba To Definitely Play Django For Tarantino In Unsubstantiated Rumor

Monday, May 30 by

Is Idris Elba ‘Django Unchained’?