Steve Jobs via 'South Park'

So Long, Steve Jobs; Here Are Five Videos We’ll Remember You By

Wednesday, August 24 by

What better way to say goodbye to Steve Jobs than with five hastily compiled videos?

Watch your back...

These 6 Movie Characters Will Steal Your Girlfriend

Wednesday, August 24 by

Accept your fate.

Gone, but not forgotten...

Too Soon: 9 TV Shows That Shouldn’t Have Been Canceled

Wednesday, August 24 by

We pour a sip out on our DVR’s for these brilliant but canceled shows.

Why so glum, Crow? Oh. Right.

One Of These Five Actors Should Replace Bradley Cooper In ‘The Crow’

Wednesday, August 24 by

Just pick on of these five and make the damn movie. Or we can all just watch the original and enjoy that for the next 20 years. That sounds nice, too.


Season 2 Clips Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Predictably Feature People Hiding From, Attacked By Zombies

Wednesday, August 24 by

“Less talk, more zombies” would appear to be the approach the show is taking in season 2. Works for me.

What have we here?

In Honor of Carrie Fisher’s Weight Loss: Proof That God Loves Actors and Hates Actresses

Wednesday, August 24 by

The proof is all around us, if we know where to look. I looked in the tabloids, and found all the proof I needed.

Paris after hearing her own life described out loud.

Paris Hilton’s Show Cancelled. Also, Paris Hilton Had A TV Show.

Wednesday, August 24 by

This frees her up to get back to her real passions: Making fish-faces for paparazzi and banging guys who drive yellow Lamborghinis.


Morbid Minutes: Blind Date

Wednesday, August 24 by

A short horror vignette from director Ted Raimi.

And "p" spells, "DERP"

Universal Realizes McG’s ‘Ouija’ Is A Dumb Idea

Wednesday, August 24 by

The studio doesn’t want to play anymore.

Kenny Baker: Little Man, Big Pimp...

It’s Kenny Baker’s Birthday, So Here Are 27 Hot Girls Dressed Like R2D2

Wednesday, August 24 by

Happy Birthday to Kenny “R2D2″ Baker!


Jonah Hill Will Take Safety Seriously In ‘Neighborhood Watch’

Wednesday, August 24 by

Don’t be alarmed if you find him peeking in your windows.

Amanda Peet (Left) | Some Dude Who Used To Be Kind of Funny (Right)

The Worst Movie Wives And Girlfriends Of The Past 20 Years

Wednesday, August 24 by

Unfortunately, they’re also all kind of hot. Hmmmm…

Links Away: Titles In Movies, Part 2!

Tuesday, August 23 by


Stephen Lang Doesn’t Mind Being Type Cast (MovieLine)

Nicole Hotness Of The Day (BarstoolSports)

Woman Trying To Be Fattest In The World (Holytaco)

Will and Jada Are The Most Obnoxious Couple (FilmDrunk)

Victoria Justice Reveals Bikini Body (CelebJihad)

Meet The Zen Alien (Unreality)

When Earthquakes Shake Twitter (Moviefone)

17 Yearbook Quote Wins (Smosh)

10 Facts About Earth Quakes (Ranker)

Moammar Mo Problems T-Shirt (BroBible)

Elizabeth Banks Hotness (Maxim)

Mario Lopez Accused Of Date Rape? (Pajiba)

First Hunger Games Footage At MTV Movie Awards (NextMovie)

Nick Newell Is #1 (CagePotato)

Legalized Female Toplessness Gets Overrated? (MadeMan)

The Best Diablo 2 Mods Of All Time (GameFront)

The Best Michelle Rodriguez Films (TuVez)


This is Tugboat. He is awesome.

The Rock And Jerry Bruckheimer Are Ready To Rumble With 80’s Wrestling Drama

Tuesday, August 23 by

Their problems will be very real. Their wrestling will be very fake.


Earthquakes And Hurricanes: Hollywood’s Guide To Surviving Natural Disasters

Tuesday, August 23 by

Nature will end us all.

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