Check Out A Clip From ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ If You Like Intensity

Thursday, October 6 by


Links Away: Iron Man XXX

Thursday, October 6 by


Angry Birds Trick Shot (TotalProSports)

Mayra Veronica Hotness (GorillaMask)

Six Fighters Who Need To Win Saturday Night (CagePotato)

Iron Man Porn Parody Is Lazy (FilmDrunk)

Gymnastics Is Better In Japan (Smosh)

Fleshlight Freaks (Holytaco)

Ashton Kutchers Mistress Gallery (CelebJihad)

Video Game Color Palettes (Unreality)

Hottie In a Towel (DoubleViking)

The Worst Adam Sandler Movies Of All Time (SocialHype)

Richard Matheson is Back in Action (SlashFilm)

Psycho II Review (31Nights)

7 Ways To Get Happier (MadeMan)

Republican Candidate Conspiracies (Ehowa)

Ideas For Your Coffee Table Book (USAToday)

Hot Celebrities Who’s Been Cheated On (MadeMan)

Melissa McCarthy Is Actually Great (WarmingGlow)

Rage Playing Card Locations (GameFront)

Meet Shakiras Cousin (TuVez)

High Jackman’s Movies (RottenTomatoes)


Our last line of defense.

Adult Swim Re-Ups On NTSF: SD:SUV

Thursday, October 6 by

At 15 minutes per episode, a new season means a whopping 90 minutes or so of programming the station won’t have to worry about next year.


‘How to Make it in America’ Actress Lake Bell

Thursday, October 6 by

Not to be confused with Bell Lake. Fantastic waterskiiking facilities, by the way.

The show's erotic moments often go overlooked.

It’s Sort-Of Official: The Next ‘Simpsons’ Season Will Be The Last

Thursday, October 6 by

Did someone say “Milhouse Spinoff?” Yes. I did. Just now. I want a Milhouse Spinoff.


11 Robot Fights We’d Pay To See

Thursday, October 6 by

Robocop vs. T-1000. Who ya got?

All right, Drexl, let's make this quick. I don't want to be here any long than you do.

The 7 Sleaziest Drug Dealers In Film

Thursday, October 6 by

Don’t get us wrong – we’ll still buy from them, we just don’t know why they have to make it so unpleasant.

It was the '60's.

R.I.P. Charles Napier

Thursday, October 6 by

Hollywood has lost its foremost guy who can play a general.

Steve Jobs via 'South Park'

6 Ways Steve Jobs Changed The Way We Watch Movies

Thursday, October 6 by

From iPads to Pixar, Jobs had a tremendous effect on the world of visual entertainment.


R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Thursday, October 6 by

This is sadder than the first ten minutes of ‘Up’.

She's pretty hands-on for a school nurse.

‘South Park’s’ 9 Funniest Premiere Episodes

Thursday, October 6 by

Gratuitous violence wins every time.

Links Away: Dog vs Julia Roberts

Wednesday, October 5 by

Dog Afraid of Julia Roberts – Watch MoreFunny Videos


Kate Upton Beach Bunny Hotness (TCMag)

P Diddy Gets Mad at Vodka Drinker (SocialHype)

Keeping Your Head Up! (TotalProSports)

Alessandra Pinho Hotness (GorillaMask)

The Most Insanely Dangerous Combat Sports Ever (CagePotato)

Rip Torn Bare Knuckle Boxes Dudes (FilmDrunk)

Awesomely Awkward iPhone Corrections (Smosh)

Iconic Posters in Movie History (Unreality)

Argentina Responds With Their Own Dancing Nip Slip (Holytaco)

The Ultimate Jessica Alba Ass Collection (CelebJihad)

Hottie By The Pool (DoubleViking)

Dexter and Simpsons Could End (SlashFilm)

Haunting Halloween Cocktails (MadeMan)

Katy Perry Hotness (Ehowa)

LOTS and LOTS of New Grads (USAToday)

Healthy Fast Food Options (ModernMan)

Evangeline Lily Hotness (Maxim)

The Onion TV Returns (WarmingGlow)

PS3 Rage Review (Gamefront)

Cartel Boss Has American Children (TuVez)

Robert Downey Jr., describing his first sexual experience.

Robert Downey Jr. To Put The System On Trial In ‘Perry Mason’ Franchise?

Wednesday, October 5 by

But will he be a big-city lawyer? The answer is “yes.”

At least they're aware.

9 TV Shows That Lasted Way Too Long

Wednesday, October 5 by

Seriously, GTFO!

In this story, a hooker will be playing the role of the pie.

Why Yes, Jason Biggs And His Wife DO Hire Hookers From Time To Time

Wednesday, October 5 by

He’s come a long way since f*cking pies.

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