Warner Bros Is Covering Up Ed Helms’ ‘Hangover 2′ Tattoo

Thursday, June 9 by

It’s far less painful than laser removal.


First Look At Emma Watson Not Being A Wizard In ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’

Thursday, June 9 by

It’s hard to recognize her without a wand in her face.


Looney Tunes Go Thwee-Dee (3D) In New Theatrical Shorts

Wednesday, June 8 by

…and that, folks, is far from all, because we have a preview image from “Daffy’s Rhapsody.”


MGM Animates Punk Rock Farm Animals To Amuse Families

Wednesday, June 8 by

They’re adapting the children’s book ‘Punk Farm’ into a CG film. Will the soundtrack include “Baconkrieg Bop?”


Universal Reboots ‘Wolf Man’ Remake ‘Wolfman’ Because What?

Wednesday, June 8 by

‘Werewolf’ would be a reboot of a remake… and also some kind of record?

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill Liked Indie-Music Thriller ‘Pitchfork’ Before It Was Cool

Wednesday, June 8 by

Jonah Hill hill to play a hipster music critic. I hope that doesn’t mean skinny jeans.


All The ‘Childrens Hospital’ PA Announcements

Wednesday, June 8 by

One of the many running gags in Adult Swim’s “Childrens Hospital” is Michael Cera’s PA announcements.


Matthew Goode In Extremely Violent Talks For ‘Stoker’

Wednesday, June 8 by

The villain from Watchman teaming up with the director of ‘Oldboy’? If you’re not ‘Stoker’-ed, then you weep alone.


New ‘Harry Potter’ Posters: Wizards Sticking Their Wands In Your Face

Wednesday, June 8 by

Are you excited about ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2′? I know the main characters are, judging by their wands.

Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas To Officially Be Tom Cruise(‘s Character In NBC’s ‘The Firm’)

Wednesday, June 8 by

Wilford Brimley, please stay near your phone.

nick cage steal

Movies Hollywood Makes Us Steal

Wednesday, June 8 by

There are some movies that, for one reason or another, simply cannot be obtained by legal means.


Jessie Eisenberg And Jake Gyllenhaal Could Team To Stop Bank Robbing Magicians

Wednesday, June 8 by

Somebody has to stop them, you guys.


Interviews With The Cast Of ‘Childrens Hospital’

Wednesday, June 8 by

They share what’s happening this season. Especially about all the porno.

Jim Halpert

Matt Damon’s Directing Debut Will Star John Krasinski (And Maybe Matt Damon)

Wednesday, June 8 by

When asked for comment, Krasinski turned his head and stared vacantly at the camera, just like he’s been trained to.


‘Hangover III’ Could Find Zach G.’s ‘Alan’ In An Asylum

Wednesday, June 8 by

So the arc could go “Vegas, then Bangkok, then a mental institution.” I think my Uncle Harold could sue for likeness rights.