Caitriona Balfe

Wednesday, June 8 by

Model Caitriona Balfe is moving into acting, beginning with a role in Super 8.


Robert Kirkman Talks All Things ‘The Walking Dead’

Wednesday, June 8 by

Both the comic and the AMC series.


‘The Lone Ranger’ Has A Release Date

Wednesday, June 8 by

And it’s sometime next year.


Ed Zwick Goes From Love And Drugs To Assassins

Wednesday, June 8 by

Mitch Rapp lovers, your day has come.


Roland Emmerich Offered Chance To Blow Things Up In ‘Asteroids’

Wednesday, June 8 by

After Anonymous, it’s time for Emmerich to go back to what he does best. Making really good movie trailers.


New ‘Super 8′ Poster By Drew Struzan Or Somebody Who Draws Like Drew Struzan

Wednesday, June 8 by

If you can’t wait for this to release on VHS, you can win tickets for an advanced screening.


Darren Aronofsky Wants To Direct An Epic And Edgy Version Of Noah’s Ark

Wednesday, June 8 by

And if nobody mentions ‘The Fountain’ he might just get to do it.


DiCaprio To Slave (Driver) Away For Tarantino’s ‘Django’?

Tuesday, June 7 by

DiCaprio is now entering actual talks to play Calvin Candie, the ruthless slave owner who could use a big dose of vitamin comeuppance.


Paramount Rebooting ‘Ninja Turtles’ And Shredder Is Furious

Tuesday, June 7 by

The writers behind ‘MI:4′, Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec, have been asked to repair the Turtle Blimp.


Fox Hires ‘Fringe’ Writer For Very Necessary ‘Daredevil’ Do-Over

Tuesday, June 7 by

Ben Affleck’s less-than-beloved 2003 take on the blind lawyer superhero will not be the last.


‘Tron: Legacy’ Sequel Uploads New Writer Into Mainframe Or Something

Tuesday, June 7 by

Hopefully writer David DiGilio has a lot more ideas related to computer genocide.


‘Nye’ Comic Book To Somehow Become Movie

Tuesday, June 7 by

The Devil’s Due comic follows a medical examiner who doesn’t believe in aliens, but soon might, even without the insistence of David Duchovy.

Chris O'Dowd

Apatow Reuniting With Even More People Today For Another Film

Tuesday, June 7 by

Since none of his projects have titles, this gets very confusing very quickly.


Links Away: Darth Vader Goes To Disneyland

Tuesday, June 7 by

By the looks of it, he was only slightly amused.


Witherspoon To Ruin A Bachelor Party For Dreamworks

Tuesday, June 7 by

In ‘Who Invited Her’, will Reese Witherspoon get the Mike Tyson face tattoo?