Cinema’s Most Inept Criminals

Monday, August 8 by

In honor of ’30 Minutes or Less’, here are 13 of the most inept movie criminals.


Bane Takes In A Steelers Game In ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Vids

Monday, August 8 by

But where is his Terrible Towel?


John C. Reilly Is The Best Dad In ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ Trailer

Monday, August 8 by

Except that he raises a psychopath. Oops.


Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Apes’ Rise, ‘Change-Up’ Sinks

Sunday, August 7 by

Maybe Jason Bateman should have switched bodies with a monkey.


Groovy Bruce Campbell In ‘Oz’

Sunday, August 7 by



New ‘Contagion’ TV Spots Are Really Catchy

Saturday, August 6 by

Get it?


Bryan Cranston Involved In Tense Zombie-Related Negotiations

Saturday, August 6 by

‘World War Z’ could use a little Cranston.


Rihanna Gets Even Sexier When Manning A Gatling Gun In ‘Battleship’

Friday, August 5 by

She can “shoot me with her cannon” anytime. Actually, no. That would kill me.


Links Away Photobomb Friday: ‘Planet Of The Apes’

Friday, August 5 by

“Damn you! Damn you for sculpting dat ass so sweetly!”

Screen shot 2011-08-05 at 4.37.11 PM

Stacy Keach Joins ‘Bourne’ And The PIttsburgh Steelers Join ‘Dark Knight Rises’, Obviously

Friday, August 5 by

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play a CIA bureaucrat, and Stacy Keach will play a football team. I double-checked it and everything. Weird.


Match That Beer Movie Game

Friday, August 5 by

Considering it’s International Beer Day, you might have some difficulty.


Yes, THAT Kevin James Has Been Cast In The Drama ‘Little Boy’

Friday, August 5 by

Is the world ready for Kevin James the actor?

This has been David Cronenberg's Christmas card photo for the past 18 years.

Cronenberg To Make Another Awesomely Weird Film With ‘Across The Table’

Friday, August 5 by

What happens when the woman you love falls in love with the black hole she created? Seriously. That’s what this film is about.

Screen shot 2011-08-05 at 12.33.53 PM

McConaughey and Witherspoon To Star In ‘Mud’, A Film That’s Somehow Not A Romantic Comedy

Friday, August 5 by

McConaughey will play a charming fugitive and Witherspoon will play his slightly-less-charming love.


There’s Still Interest In ‘Walter The Farting Dog’

Friday, August 5 by

And ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ director Tim Hill is the man for the job.

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