Alison Brie And Lizzy Caplan Will Be Gawked At By Me In ‘Save The Date’

Friday, June 3 by

Everything is about weddings now.


Two More Actors Not Afraid To Remove Their Shirts For ‘American Reunion’

Friday, June 3 by

Jay Harrington and Ali Cobrin have signed up for a piece of the pie.


‘Sesame Street’: Is It A Gay-Hippie-Liberal Conspiracy?

Thursday, June 2 by

Sunny days… turning our children gay?


Ryan Gosling Is Too Busy For ‘Idolmaker’-ing

Thursday, June 2 by

Gosling is backing away from ‘The Idolmaker’. My sources have confirmed that the spirit rock and roll music has officially died in Gosling’s heart.


Lucas Produced ‘Red Tails’ Is Alive And Release Dated

Thursday, June 2 by

George Lucas doesn’t just make films about wars in space. He also makes films about wars on boring ol’ Earth.


‘Game Of Thrones’ Clip: Talkin’ With Tyrion

Thursday, June 2 by

Stick with Tyrion. That guy will hook you up with whatever you want. Gold, women, or perhaps a preview from the next new episode of “Game of Thrones”?


Links Away: Batman Vs. Wolverine Film Noir

Thursday, June 2 by

An artsy-as-hell take on the ultimate superhero showdown. Or something.


Olivia Wilde And Bradley Cooper To Create A Black Hole Of Beauty In ‘The Words’

Thursday, June 2 by

She’s the hardest-working sexy actress in showbiz.


Michael Cera To Give Lisa Awkwardness Lessons On ‘The Simpsons’

Thursday, June 2 by

Cera will guest star as a seemingly splendid love interest for Lisa. I hear Nelson is still carrying the torch for her.

Penny Arcade

Paramount To Ride ‘Rango’ Success With Animated Feature ‘New Kid’

Thursday, June 2 by

This kid is alienated by aliens. Irony alert!

Freaky Deaky

‘Freaky Deaky’ Scores Macy, Robinson, Dillon, and Fraser. Freaky Deaky, Indeed.

Thursday, June 2 by

William H. Macy, Matt Dillon, and Craig Robinson will bring the “freaky,” and, as always, Brendan Fraser will unload the “deaky.”


Ever Wish There Were Three New ‘Horrible Bosses’ Posters?

Thursday, June 2 by

I am like the genie of internet posters, but only for specific movies at specific times.

Carell Almighty

Carell Teams Up With ’30 Rock’ Director To Tell The Tale Of Goofy Magician

Thursday, June 2 by

Is this your card? How about this one? No? Sh*t.


‘Rise Of The Apes’ Looks Like Ape-Made Braveheart

Thursday, June 2 by

Evolution becomes Revolution, indeed.


Watch The First Gory 8 Minutes Of MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’

Thursday, June 2 by

You should never venture into Dead Body Woods. Place is full of things that kill bodies.