Major Studios Not Attending This Year’s Comic-Con

Monday, June 13 by

It’ll be far less Marvel-y.


Extended ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Trailer Here To Extend Nerd Boners

Monday, June 13 by

I would like to see more.


Robert Zemeckis In Talks To Do Another Thing With Tom Hanks

Sunday, June 12 by

Major Matt Mason, who is NOT a doll.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner To Come From Behind And Get The Girl

Sunday, June 12 by

Thanks, Craigslist!


Coen Bros Working On Something Musical

Saturday, June 11 by

It’s the Coens, you should make plans to see it no matter WHAT it is.

Sung Kang

That ‘Bullet To The Head’ Movie Just Got A Lot Kangier

Saturday, June 11 by

Sweet, Kangy goodness.


Joel Silver Gives Stallone A ‘Bullet To The Head’

Friday, June 10 by

Rocky’s brought back an old producer pal-o for his New Orleans hitman movie.


Links Away Photobomb Friday: ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’

Friday, June 10 by

Here are your weekend links.

Super 8 movie

What’s Playing This Weekend? (June 10th)

Friday, June 10 by

Finally, I’ll get to see what that damn alien looks like. Then again, maybe not. It’s not like J.J. Abrams is big on closure.


‘World War Z’ Casts Dale. James Badge Dale.

Friday, June 10 by

“Danger” is his middle name. No. Wait. It’s “Badge.”


‘Attack The Block’ Sets Invasion Date For This Summer

Friday, June 10 by

If you want an indie, Shaun of the Dead-ie take on aliens… it’s coming… soon.


Alan Arkin Set To Trick A Bunch Of Iranians In ‘Argo’

Friday, June 10 by

Everyone knows that in the mid-70s, the Iranians hated Alan Arkin.

Pacino Levinson

Pacino And Levinson Will Go ‘Humbling’ Before They Go ‘Gotti’

Friday, June 10 by

You know how when you don’t wanna do something, you busy yourself with silly little things to put off the task you’re dreading? ‘The Humbling’ might be one of those silly little things.


Casting Round-Up: Adam Scott, Anthony Mackie, And Robin Wright Continue To Be Working Actors

Friday, June 10 by

Their SAG cards are in no danger.


Bad Teacher

Friday, June 10 by

DIRECTOR: Jake KasdanCAST: Cameron Diaz; Justin Timberlake; Lucy Punch; Jason Segal; John Michael HiggensSYNOPSIS: A comedy centered around a foul-mouthed, junior high teacher who, after being dumped by her sugar daddy, begins to woo a colleague — a move that pits her against a well-loved teacher.