What’s Playing This Weekend? (June 3rd)

Friday, June 3 by

Mutants, anyone?


TV Spots Galore: ‘Super 8′, ‘Cowboys And Aliens’, ‘Apes’, ‘Captain America’, And ‘The Change-Up’

Friday, June 3 by

Why watch TV at all when you can get all the movie commercials right here in this post?


Paul Thomas Anderson Brainwashes Rami Malek Into His Cult

Friday, June 3 by

‘The Pacific’ actor has been indoctrinated and thetan-scanned into Anderson’s new Scientology-based movie.


People Have A Messed Up Definition Of Paradise In New ‘Terra Nova’ Trailer

Friday, June 3 by

This trailer is hitting theaters this weekend if you want to see it really, really big.


Dispatches From A Slow News Day: Lego Sandcrawler

Friday, June 3 by

14 Lego men died in the construction of this vehicle.


Of Course There’s A Robotic Turkey Vulture In The New ‘Transformers’

Friday, June 3 by

We all knew it was just a matter of time.


WWI The Next War To Have An HBO Miniseries About It

Friday, June 3 by

WWI: It’s not your grandfather’s war.


‘Fast Times’ Cast To Get ‘Honored’ By Spike TV

Friday, June 3 by

I’m anticipating a mix-up where they get the statue for Best Hottie BJ Scene or Finest Vin Diesel Performance.


Terrence Malick Gives Projectionists Specific Instructions

Friday, June 3 by

Watch your back, projectionists.


Batman Gives Bruce Wayne A Call

Friday, June 3 by

What? Isn’t this how we all spend our Friday nights??


Wayne Kramer Neck Deep In Love Pills

Friday, June 3 by

The future is now, people.


Annabelle Wallis

Friday, June 3 by

Annabelle Walls has a small role in X-Men: First Class.


Feminist Of The Year Shia LaBeouf Stripped Of His Title

Friday, June 3 by

Shia explains the Megan Fox/Michael Bay beef and how it’s cool when chicks take their clothes off.

Wicked Lovely

‘American Psycho’ Director Eyes ‘Wicked Lovely’ For The Kill

Friday, June 3 by

Look behind you, she’s got an ax!

Special Edition?

Friday, June 3 by

I don’t remember “X-Files” being so breezy.