Russell Crowe reacts to Lana Del Ray"s SNL performance.

Is Russell Crowe An Anti-Semite?

Friday, June 10 by

Or does he just hate science?


LAFF Review: The Guard

Friday, June 10 by

Basically, it’s ‘Rush Hour’ with an obnoxious WHITE cop, and a reasonable competent black agent has to deal with him.


New ‘Larry Crowne’ Trailer Is Like A More Serious ‘Back To School’

Friday, June 10 by

Plus, the added power of George Takei.

I, Claudius

HBO And BBC Lay Down Their Swords To Work Together On ‘I, Claudius’

Friday, June 10 by

Ten years from now, this new miniseries is what history teachers will show to their classes when they’re too hungover to teach.


‘Hunger Games’ Set Pics Feature Elizabeth Banks And Some Trailers

Friday, June 10 by

It’s “Petticoat Junction” meets ‘The Running Man’. Or so the photos would have us believe.


Trailer For Sundance Hit ‘Pariah’, Let The Oscar Race Begin

Friday, June 10 by

Girls in baseball hats will never be accepted by society.


Danielle Pivetta

Friday, June 10 by

Actress Danielle Pivetta currently appears in the Channel 101 series “Sex Teenagers.”

He’s Got My Vote

Friday, June 10 by

Time for all New Yorkers to vote Republican.


‘Wolverine’ Is Not Mark Romanek’s Kind Of Thing

Friday, June 10 by

Dude’s anti-mutant.


Chris Columbus Discovers ‘Troll Hunter’ Remake

Friday, June 10 by

Brace yourselves for 3D trolls.


‘Weeds’ Star Demian Bichir To Defend The Cartel In ‘The Savages’

Friday, June 10 by

He’s got an honest face.


Shepard Fairey’s ‘They Live’ Poster Is An Awesomeness Conspiracy

Thursday, June 9 by

Fairey brought us the now famous “Hope” poster that helped put President Obama in the White House. But does Fairey now believe that the president is also a secret alien?


Links Away: Old People Reenact ‘Taken’

Thursday, June 9 by

Because everything is funnier with old people.

Diego Luna

Diego Luna To Lend The Humans A Hand In ‘Elysium’

Thursday, June 9 by

He’s going to play Matt Damon’s best friend. Man, Affleck is gonna be pi-issed!


Colin Hanks Is A Murderous Creep… In ‘Lucky’

Thursday, June 9 by

Colin Hanks has won the real lottery in addition to the genetic one.