More Pictures Of ‘The Hunger Games’ Dudes

Thursday, July 28 by

And they’re wearing shirts. Surprisingly.


AMC Says Production On ‘Mad Men’ Starts Next Month, Dodges Frank Darabont Questions

Thursday, July 28 by

They also “hear you” about ‘The Killing’.


The Change-Up

Thursday, July 28 by

Director: David Dobkin Cast: Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde Synopsis: A comedy in which a married father accidentally switches bodies with his best friend, leading to a series of wildly complex…


Ben Stiller Takes On Scrooge McDuck In ‘Tower Heist’ Trailer

Thursday, July 28 by

Under the tutelage of lovable criminal, Eddie Murphy.

Pop Pop!

Pop Pop: Magnitude From ‘Community’ Was Also In ‘Harry Potter’

Thursday, July 28 by

Actor Luke Youngblood has attended both Hogwarts and Greendale.


Gosling’s The Guy Behind The Guy In ‘The Ides Of March’ Trailer

Thursday, July 28 by

Politics aren’t all just fun and games and intern sex.


Links Away: Epic Jedi Gang Fight

Wednesday, July 27 by

Even the Jedi have to deal with gang violence.


Joe Pesci Gets Booted From ‘Gotti’, Now He’s Fat With Nowhere To Go

Wednesday, July 27 by

Now he’s all fat and unemployed. *giggle* No, it’s really not funny. *giggle*


Fiona Gubelmann Talks ‘Wilfred’, Stuffed Animal Bondage

Wednesday, July 27 by

Oh the things they get away with on that show.

Rich Franklin

Rich Franklin To Get Biopic Documenting His MMA Rise

Wednesday, July 27 by

MMA is like a professional ‘Fight Club’. Sort of.


TV Bromances Through The Ages

Wednesday, July 27 by

Time for some hot bro on bro action…


Here’s What Liam Hemsworth And Josh Hutcherson Look Like In ‘The Hunger Games’

Wednesday, July 27 by

We can finally get some sleep.


Simon Pegg Wallows In ‘Fear’, While Rosario Dawson Falls In ‘Trance’

Wednesday, July 27 by

Pegg will play a ‘fraidy cat, while Dawson will play a woman who loves art thieves. Plural.


JJ Abrams Is Closer To Almost Deciding To Direct ‘Star Trek 2′

Wednesday, July 27 by

Sign the papers, JJ.


Cut The Commentary: ‘A View To A Kill’

Wednesday, July 27 by

Every now and then, a movie comes along with such a pointless commentary track that it forces you to ask yourself: Am I wasting my life by listening to this?

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