Steven Spielberg Willing To Consider ‘Jurassic Park 4′

Thursday, June 16 by

The child in me who likes to see people being eaten really wants this.


‘Attack The Block’ Red Band Shows Its Teeth

Thursday, June 16 by

Too much madness to explain in one excerpt.


Links Away: Guy Didn’t Like ‘X-Men’ At All

Wednesday, June 15 by

X-Men: First Class didn’t appeal to everyone. To this guy, it was “a little piece of hell.”

Simon West

Action Director West To Direct Action In ‘Expendables 2′

Wednesday, June 15 by

Joining Simon West, the whole cast is coming back. Though another Schwarzenegger cameo is a bit up in the air right now.


‘Falling Skies’ Creator Robert Rodat Talks Alien Invasions, Working With Spielberg

Wednesday, June 15 by

The writer behind ‘Saving Private Ryan’ gets post-apocalyptic.


Of Course Hugh Jackman Is Going To Be in ‘Les Miserables’

Wednesday, June 15 by

Hugh Jackman has the enviable skill of being able to cross over between the ‘Wolverine’ and Broadway crowds.


‘Boiler Room’ Writer/Director FINALLY Gets His Racing Movie

Wednesday, June 15 by

Younger shops for car movies the way most people shop for cars.


SPOILER ALERT: There’s A ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Rumor

Wednesday, June 15 by

Let’s all get really worked up. Together. As a family.


LAFF Review: Terri

Wednesday, June 15 by

Terri is a fat kid, but they don’t play the fat card very long.


Paul Newman Movies

Wednesday, June 15 by

An introductory guide to one of the best movie stars ever.


7 Famous Celebrity Kidnapping Targets Besides Joss Stone

Wednesday, June 15 by

Joss Stone is the Frank Sinatra Jr. of our time…


Mila Kunis

Wednesday, June 15 by

I’m a little late to the party with Mila Kunis, but it’s better than never showing up at all.


Sean Penn To Bring Out De Niro’s Funny Side In ‘The Comedian’?

Wednesday, June 15 by

Noted funnymen may team up to bring us the humor.


Posters For ‘Deathly Hallows’, ‘Straw Dogs’ And ‘John Carter’ (Formerly Of Mars)

Wednesday, June 15 by

Only one of these films is not in 3D, which is fine with me, as I find rural bullying hits too close to home as it is.

Russell Crowe

The DNA Results Are In: Russell Crowe Is Superman’s Dad

Wednesday, June 15 by

Superman’s mom liked to drink, so it was anyone’s guess who the real father was.