Ben Affleck Randomly Selected To Direct Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’

Monday, October 24 by

File this under WTF?


7 Epic Movie Battles Between Kids And Monsters

Monday, October 24 by

Kids can kick ass, too.


Get A Load Of ‘Ol’ Smoke Crotch’ In New ‘The League’ Clip

Sunday, October 23 by

A sitcom classic: The terrifying convicted felon house guest.


It’s Game Night On This Week’s ‘Always Sunny’

Saturday, October 22 by

The greatest board game ever!

Links Away: Takeshi Kitano Will Outrage You

Friday, October 21 by

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Michael Winslow Can Really Shred (FilmDrunk)

Disney Channel Timeline (Smosh)

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What Network TV Gets You (Unreality)

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Sicko of the Day Is…(SocialHype)

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas Trailer (SlashFilm)

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Star Wars Comic Preview (USAToday)

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Blackout Wisconsin Tomorrow Night (BarstoolSports)

This is the savior of NBC.

Jimmy Fallon Sells Three Scripts To NBC. This Can’t Be Good.

Friday, October 21 by

The shows are called ‘DILFs’, ‘Fat Rob’, and ‘Rick’. Please, keep reading.

The fact that lobbies more often resemble train stations than movie theaters is a big part of the problem.

Will We Keep Going To Theaters To See Movies?

Friday, October 21 by

Movie theaters are scared that they’re losing you to your home theater. Here’s what they’re doing about it.


Of Course Ben Stiller Was Selected To Direct A Period Horror Film

Friday, October 21 by

He’s been pigeon-holed.

Wanna Play Doctor?

7 Hasbro Properties Reimagined As Horror Films

Friday, October 21 by

It’s only a matter of time…

I'm sure producers are wondering what they can do to bring the show up to Sheen's standards.

Charlie Sheen Is ‘Very Disappointed’ With The New ‘Two And A Half Men’, Chuck Lorre Weeps

Friday, October 21 by

Jon Cryer is doing everything he can, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Emily VanCamp, April 01, 2006

‘Revenge’ Actress Emily VanCamp

Friday, October 21 by

She’s fighting the establishment by being the establishment.

The people at Fox should be punished.

Fox Orders ‘The Punisher’ Pilot, Completely Misses the Point

Friday, October 21 by

The people at Fox need to be punished.

Real men or real assholes?

8 Idiotic TV Shows About “How Men Really Act”

Friday, October 21 by

So, that’s what men are like. Thanks, TV!


Matthew Vaughn Considers Returning To The Mark Millar Well With ‘Superior’

Friday, October 21 by

Matthew Vaughn is sticking with superheroes.

Theirs was a pure love. And now it's gone.

The New ‘Muppets’ Film Does NOT Have The Frank Oz Seal Of Approval

Friday, October 21 by

So Jason Segel is picking up Frank Oz’s Muppet scraps. Yeah, that sounds about right.

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