’2:22′ Can Now Be Called Armie Hammer Time

Monday, May 2 by

It’s Armie Hammer O’Clock.

Ferrell Hearts Reilly

Monday, May 2 by

I’m assuming it wasn’t for a movie.

Time for a nappy nap

Official Bidness: Guy Pearce To Guy Pearce It Up In ‘Prometheus’

Monday, May 2 by

This could be his Guy Pearciest role yet.


Everything Must Go

Monday, May 2 by

Director: Dan Rush Cast: Will Ferrel, Rebecca Hall, Laura Dern Synopsis: When an alcoholic relapses, causing him to lose his wife and his job, he holds a yard sale on…

Cool Motorcycle Werewolf

Keep Looking At New Pics From ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Forever

Monday, May 2 by

It’s not any less boring than honeymoon photos you see on Facebook.


Roxanne McKee

Monday, May 2 by

British actress Roxanne McKee recently made an appearance on HBO’s new fantasy series “Game of Thrones.”


NBFF Review: Bobby Fischer Against The World

Monday, May 2 by

A documentary about how the famous chess player almost blew his championship to Russian champ Boris Sassky in 1972 by playing neurotic games.


NBFF Review: Bodyguards And Assassins

Monday, May 2 by

The best kind of history lesson: one full of spin kicks.


Some A-Holes Haunt Clive Owen’s House In ‘Intruders’ Teaser

Monday, May 2 by

How’s Clive Owen going to get out of this one?


Review: Do Not Disturb

Monday, May 2 by

Another one of those first time films with a little something going for it.


Today’s Big News: ‘Fast Five’ Number 1 At The Box Office!

Monday, May 2 by

‘Fast Five’ is pretty much the best thing to happen to America in a while.


Review: Page One: Inside The New York Times

Monday, May 2 by

Presents all the important debates of the new media age.


Professional Hot Chick Laura Vandervoort Joins Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’

Monday, May 2 by

You’ll never guess who she’s been cast to play.


Peter Jackson Finds Two More ‘Hobbit-y’ Looking Dudes

Monday, May 2 by

Lee Pace and Dean O’Gorman are being fitted for chainmail as I type.


New Line Interested In ‘The Watching Hour’

Sunday, May 1 by

And yes, Dick Van Dyke is involved.