Nice ride, Mike....

Gif Recap: ‘Breaking Bad’ – Shotgun S4E5

Monday, August 15 by

A drive in the desert? This will end well (no, really).

Brad Pitt: more prone to nosebleeds than other Hollywood heartthrobs.

Brad Pitt Eyes ‘The Gray Man’, But Not In A Creepy Way

Monday, August 15 by

It’s rude to stare, Brad.


Other Jeff Buckley Biopic Decides To Cast Reeve Carney

Monday, August 15 by

If he survives ‘Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark’.

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 2.38.45 PM

Kevin Smith’s ‘Hit Somebody’ Will Be Two Movies Because That Makes Sense For A Hockey Comedy

Monday, August 15 by

He had a hard time getting down to only two. The films will be released with a scant 14 conversations about Chewbacca’s genitals.

This is what hell looks like.

TLC Decides We Know Enough About Kate Gosselin And Her Kids, Cancels ‘Kate Plus 8′

Monday, August 15 by

‘Kate Plus 8′, we hardly knew ye. Seriously. I never watched that show.


Van Damme Will Fight Aliens Next In ‘UFO’

Monday, August 15 by

His foot will make first contact with their faces.

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 12.45.32 PM

‘The Avengers’ Shoot Makes Cleveland Even Less Pleasant

Monday, August 15 by

Is this a normal day in Cleveland?

Brad Pitt

‘World War Z’ On Location: Glasgow For Philly

Monday, August 15 by

Scots look like Americans when they’re backlit just right.


David Lynch’s Album Drops In November

Monday, August 15 by

Move over, Jay-Z and Kanye.


Rachel Nichols

Monday, August 15 by

Rachel Nichols is Tamara in Conan the Barbarian.


Daniel Tosh Getting Animated For ‘Brickleberry’

Monday, August 15 by

Comedy Central loves paying this guy.


A Naughtier Look At ‘A Good Old Fashioned Orgy’

Monday, August 15 by

Warning: swear words.

Holy Bulges, Batman!

Monday, August 15 by

He’s obviously using the Bat-Erection Suppressant.


‘Breaking Bad’ To Remain Awesome For Two More Seasons

Monday, August 15 by

Sixteen more. That’s all you get!

Screen shot 2011-08-12 at 10.32.17 PM

Disney Says, ‘Whoa! Easy There, Girl!’ To ‘The Lone Ranger’, Pulls The Plug

Friday, August 12 by

One way to save money: Instead of horses, donkeys on stilts. Also, instead of Johnny Depp, Skeet Ulrich!

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