Eckhart, Bean, and Robb Join ‘Pan’, In Which Peter Pan Is A Depraved Kidnapper

Tuesday, May 10 by

This project will forever serve as the benchmark against which all “gritty reboots” are measured.


Noted Bigmouth Ian McKellan Confirms That Hugo Weaving Returns In ‘The Hobbit’

Tuesday, May 10 by

This report courtesy of Sir Ian McKellan, your most trusted source for the Hollywood dish!

HIMYM - Landmarks

Gif Recap: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ – Landmarks

Tuesday, May 10 by

Last night marked the second to last episode of “How I Met Your Mother” season six. Hopefully it marked the final episode featuring Zoey.

Ethan Hawke holding a human baby

Ethan Hawke To Make 3-Boobed ‘Total Recall’ Cameo?

Tuesday, May 10 by

Ethan Hawke, start the reactor.


Rebecca Hall

Tuesday, May 10 by

Everything Must Go actress Rebecca Hall is a product of the industry.

Obi Wan Is Dead

Tuesday, May 10 by

Luke Skywalker is now enemy number 1.

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens

Sonnenfeld To Pit Dinosaurs Against Aliens In His Next Thinkpiece Project

Tuesday, May 10 by

One battle to determine, once and for all, which is king of the lowbrow movie gimmicks.


‘Fast Five’ Oscar-Worthy, Says Oscar Historian Vin Diesel

Tuesday, May 10 by

2 Fast, 2 Oscar-Worthy.


UPDATED: Colin Hanks To Take On ‘Dexter’ (And Probably Be Killed) This Season

Tuesday, May 10 by

I have always viewed Colins Hanks as more of a “murder victim” than “murder committer.” Maybe he charms his victims to death.


Watch A Trailer For ‘Real Steel’, The Boxing Robot Movie

Tuesday, May 10 by

Almost as fun as playing Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots alone by yourself in the dark.

Sara Paxton Staredown

‘Liars All’ Still Shooting, Already Selling At Cannes

Tuesday, May 10 by

This sizzle reel is gonna sizzle fo sho.

Al Pacino's mugshot

Al Pacino Cast Against Type In ‘Gotti: Three Generations’

Tuesday, May 10 by

Pacino as a gangster? I can’t imagine.

Maggie Q

Maggie Q Won Her ‘Priest’ Role Without T&A

Tuesday, May 10 by

Sometimes boobs aren’t the best weapon.


The Beaver

Tuesday, May 10 by

Mel Gibson stars as a depressed CEO who speaks via a beaver puppet in this Jodie Foster joint.

Non-Photoshopped Picture of Warren Buffett In Scranton

Warren Buffett Brings His Considerable Acting Chops To ‘Office’ Finale

Monday, May 9 by

There’s a reason to keep watching “The Office,” even though Steve Carrell is gone, and that reason is… somewhat interesting celebrities.