Mr. T Loves Pitted Foo?

Monday, July 18 by

Ohhhhh, it’s “Pity the fool.” That makes much more sense.

Everyone’s Got Problems

Gif Recap: ‘True Blood’ – I’m Alive And On Fire S4E4

Monday, July 18 by

Amnesia Eric continues to amuse us.


‘The Dark Knight Rises’ In New Teaser Trailer

Monday, July 18 by

This one’s official.


James Wong Hails The Robot Overlords Of ‘2084’

Monday, July 18 by

Destroy your Roomba or suffer the consequences.

cool time travelers from tv shows

Cool Time Travelers From TV Shows

Monday, July 18 by

Put the dorky image of lab coats and giant machines blooming with arcs of lightning aside when you encounter these cool time travelers from TV shows.


Enough With The Dwarves Already: ‘The Hobbit’s’ Thorin Revealed

Monday, July 18 by

They’ve saved the best for last.


Peep This: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Two

Monday, July 18 by

These skull-cavings will have to tide you over until October.

Harry Potter vs Voldemort Deathly Hallows 2

Harry Potter Beats Up Batman (At The Box Office)

Sunday, July 17 by

BREAKING: ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2′ made a lot of money this weekend.


Howie Mandel Forcing Celebrities To Do Stand-Up Comedy

Sunday, July 17 by

Another great contribution to society from Denmark.


Mike Vogel To Be The Vogeliest Pilot In ‘Pan Am’

Saturday, July 16 by

He didn’t play the pilot in the pilot, but he’s playing him now.


Noam Murro Chosen To Enter Sparta To Direct ‘300’ Spin-Off

Saturday, July 16 by

Wait, why would the guy who did ‘Smart People’ be directing a spin-off of ‘300’?


Tom Cruise To Give America The Reacher Round In ‘One Shot’

Saturday, July 16 by

I can’t wait to hear Tom Cruise begin to quietly explain what’s going on and then quickly transition to SHOUTING ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON!


Sean Bean Cast As Snow White’s King Daddy

Saturday, July 16 by

All hail, King Bean!


Links Away Photobomb Friday: ‘Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone’

Friday, July 15 by

You must make the sacrifice, Harry. It’s him or you.


‘Dexter’ Promo Suggests He’s Doing God’s Work

Friday, July 15 by

Someone has to take care of all the evil.