"I'm going to need a bigger boat."

Robert Downey Jr. Bringing Plight Of USS Indianapolis To Screens

Thursday, August 18 by

He must really love Shark Week.

Jackie Chan is not dead...yet...

9 Greatest Celebrity Death Rumors

Thursday, August 18 by

Jackie Chan is dead again…


Rose McGowan

Thursday, August 18 by

Though she plays a horribly deformed monster in ‘Conan the Barbarian,’ we’ve been assured that it is indeed Rose McGowan under all that makeup.


Ridley Scott’s Making ‘Blade Runner’ Again

Thursday, August 18 by

He’s really inspired by the early works of Ridley Scott.


New Trailer For ‘Karate Vampires’ aka ‘Underworld: Awakening’

Thursday, August 18 by

Welcome back, Kate Beckinsale!!

Make It Tso!

Thursday, August 18 by

I bet he ordered the Number 1!


Daniel Radcliffe Spends Night In A Haunted House In ‘Woman In Black’ Teaser

Thursday, August 18 by

England is in serious need of some ghostbusting.

I can't beleive I'm legal!

Sarah Hyland From ‘Modern Family’ Just Texted To Say I Love You

Wednesday, August 17 by

Keep in mind, she doesn’t really love you.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone

5 Celebrities Who Were Targeted By Islamic Extremists (Besides David Letterman)

Wednesday, August 17 by

David Letterman is not alone.

It must be casual Friday.

‘Puncture’ Trailer Reminds Us That Some Of The Best Lawyers Are Cokeheads

Wednesday, August 17 by

Rejected tagline: Sometimes junkies are excellent lawyers. Sometimes.

All things considered, they've still gotta respect that beard.

The Top Ten Reasons Islamic Extremists Want David Letterman Killed

Wednesday, August 17 by

They didn’t think that “Uma/Allah, Allah/Uma” bit at the Oscars was funny….AT ALL.

Even Dave's "I've been targeted for assassination" face is pretty funny.

Jihadist Calls For The Head Of David Letterman, Never Mentions Kimmel

Wednesday, August 17 by

This doesn’t seem like a proportional response.

He doesn't look like most screenwriters I know.

Jason Momoa Discusses A Possible, But Not Likely, Return To ‘Game Of Thrones’

Wednesday, August 17 by

I didn’t know this guy gave interviews. I thought he would just chop someone’s head off and hold it up to a crowd to get his point across.

Does this look like a guy who cares where he urinates?

Gerard Depardieu Urinates In Plane Cabin Because He’s Gerard F*ckin’ Depardieu

Wednesday, August 17 by

Don’t act so surprised. Gerard Depardieu does what Gerard Depardieu wants.


Romola Garai

Wednesday, August 17 by

British actress Romola Garai appears in ‘One Day.’

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