Cage And Cusack To Star In Thriller ‘The Frozen Ground’

Tuesday, July 26 by

Wait…Cage ISN’T playing the psycho? How outside-the-box!

Happy Feet

‘Happy Feet 2′ Trailer Sticks To The Formula Of ‘Dancing Penguins’

Tuesday, July 26 by

Man, these penguins love to dance!!!

Crazy Stupid Love Movie

Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Tuesday, July 26 by

This is how you do a romantic comedy.


The Human Fund

Tuesday, July 26 by

A tale of redemption. With lots of editing.


Emma Stone Also Going To Join ‘Gangster Squad’

Tuesday, July 26 by

Prepare to be blinded by starpower, folks.

It's only a matter of time...

8 ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Style Genre Mashups We’d Like To See

Tuesday, July 26 by

It’s only a matter of time.


If You Love Green Screens And Martial Arts, Then You’ll Love This ‘Bunraku’ Trailer

Tuesday, July 26 by

If you complain about an unclear plot, you’re not focusing enough on the kicking.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, Renowned Podcaster, Going The Talk Show Route?

Tuesday, July 26 by

A talk show is like a podcast, but with pictures. And on a television.


‘Tucker And Dale Vs Evil’ Red Band Makes Good On Promise

Tuesday, July 26 by

Not that you’d expect this movie to have a G-rated trailer.

Pearl Jam

Cameron Crowe’s ‘Pearl Jam Twenty’ Takes A Shocking ‘Pro-Pearl Jam’ Stance

Tuesday, July 26 by

This documentary harkens back to a day when musicians didn’t have to wear meat dresses or shoot fireworks out of their bosom to matter.


Mimi Leder To Blow Guys Up In ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’

Tuesday, July 26 by

In the most tasteful way possible.


All The Good Movies Are Going To TIFF

Tuesday, July 26 by

The Toronto International Film Festival has a really impressive line-up.


Seychelle Gabriel

Tuesday, July 26 by

Seychelle Gabriel is a member of the human resistance on TNT’s ‘Falling Skies.’

Man Up!

Fall TV Tips: Sitcoms About Guys Trying To Be Men

Tuesday, July 26 by

Get prepared for a whole slew of new television shows.


The Dude’s Bungalow Is On The Market

Tuesday, July 26 by

Carpeting not included.