I've heard of biting the umbilical cord, but this is ridiculous.

PG-13 Sex And Vampire C-Sections: ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Is Unintentionally Awesome

Thursday, November 17 by

I’ve heard of biting the umbilical cord, but this is ridiculous.

Get ready to hate and resent him.

‘Despicable Me’ Animators Chipping Away At ‘Woody Woodpecker’

Thursday, November 17 by

Sell out.

This year, Gervais will tell his meanest jokes via a Beaver puppet.

They Like A Little Abuse: Ricky Gervais Back To Host Golden Globes

Thursday, November 17 by

Gervais breaks his two seasons is enough rule.

Links Away: Rebecca Black (sans Auto-Tune)

Wednesday, November 16 by

Rebecca Black’s “Person Of Interest” Without Autotune – Watch MoreFunny Videos
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Louis CK Is Always Miserable (Unreality)

The Most Disgraceful Moments in MMA History (CagePotato)

Who Is The Sexiest Man Alive? (Holytaco)

Jayden Cole Hotness (GorillaMask)

The Best Diet Supplements for Men (MadeMan)

The Hottest Girls Ever (DoubleViking)

What’s The Best Sports Car You’ve Seen? (ModernMan)

Amy Adams’ Got Trouble (SlashFilm)

Tiger’s Whores vs Tiger’s Whores (Ehowa)

Colbert vs New York Mayor (HuffComedy)

Jud Greer on Two and Half Men (MovieLine)

Incredibly Specific Fetishes (ForkParty)

Britney Daniels Hotness (Gunaxin)

A Dudes Guide To Twilight (NextMovie)

Hot Oklahoma Girls Gallery (Coed)

Rotting Alien Corpse…In Your Fridge (GuySpeed)

Chyna Parties in NYC (TotalProSports)

Epic South Park Finale (WarmingGlow)

Mila Kunis Underwear Hotness (DrunkenStepfather)


Rob Schneider has plenty of booze back at his place if you girls wanna join him.

Rob Schneider To Address Exclamation Point-Inversion Epidemic With ‘¡Rob!’

Wednesday, November 16 by

Let this be the news that signified Rob Schneider’s career had superseded Adam Sandler’s, never to be overtaken again.

If these guys weren't six underground...I tell you what...

Screen Junkies’ 1st Annual ‘Sexiest Man Not Alive’ Awards

Wednesday, November 16 by

Just ’cause they’re dead doesn’t mean we’re not wildly attracted to them.

To Troll A Predator

The Best Of ‘To Troll A Predator’ (By ‘Best’ I Mean All The Vids I Could Find)

Wednesday, November 16 by

This is how they do justice in Canada.

Ironically, I bet these superhero kids probably really turn pedophiles on.

Fake Canadian Superheroes Targeting Pedophiles Via YouTube (No, Really)

Wednesday, November 16 by

This is just really awesome. The costumes, the deception…everything.

Get used to this face. It never changes.

A Guy’s Guide to ‘Twilight’

Wednesday, November 16 by

Everything you need to know to fake a conversation about the film with a girl you’re trying to sleep with.


‘Breaking Dawn’ Actress Kristen Stewart

Wednesday, November 16 by

Don’t hate. Or do. Whatever.

Here's to three more years of celebrating diversity!

Comedy Central’s President Saw His Shadow, We Get Three More Years Of ‘South Park’

Wednesday, November 16 by

I heard in two years they were thinking about doing an Elian Gonzalez episode. Is nothing sacred with these guys?

Bach 1000

Wednesday, November 16 by

McNulty deserves better.

7 Actors Overshadowed By Their Breakout Roles

Wednesday, November 16 by

Their foot in the door turned into a pain in the ass.


Tarsem Singh’s ‘Mirror, Mirror’ Trailer Looks Super Corny

Wednesday, November 16 by

It’s safe to say that the dueling Snow White projects are not equally matched.

He's come a long way.

From Business Man To Bed Pooper: 12 Steps In The Devolution Of ‘Always Sunny’s’ Frank Reynolds

Wednesday, November 16 by

From ‘Business Man’ to ‘Bed Pooper’…

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