7 Horror Remakes That Don’t Suck

Friday, August 19 by

In honor of ‘Fright Night’, we run down horror remakes that are worth their ticket price.

Bourdain's thinkin' Rachel's looking pretty "yum-o" herself.

The Sh*t-Talking Chronicles Of Anthony Bourdain

Friday, August 19 by

He must have been a huge hit at the Christmas Party.


In Honor Of The King’s Retirement: 17 Classic Burger King Gifs

Friday, August 19 by

The King is dead. Long Live These Gifs…


‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ Trailer Is An Improvement

Friday, August 19 by

Much better than the first attempt.

They want to have you for dinner.

‘American Horror Story': Meet The Family

Friday, August 19 by

They’re kinda quiet.


9 Reality Stars Who Ended Up Dead

Friday, August 19 by

Reality TV is a dangerous business.

Mary Steenburgen loves it doggie style...

Gif Recap: ‘Wilfred’ – Compassion S1E9

Friday, August 19 by

Mary Steenburgen…doggie style…


Sandra Vergara

Friday, August 19 by

Sofia Vergara has a sister. And she’s an actress, too.


Ain’t No Problem A Bazooka Can’t Solve In ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Trailer

Friday, August 19 by

Gerard Butler gets results.

"You've got something in your ear. It's my heart."

15 Possible Titles For Will Smith’s New ‘MIB III’ Song

Friday, August 19 by

Bearing in mind that jiggyness and the city of Miami have already been covered.


Friday, August 19 by

God bless Disney!

It's sort of like an all-white version of the movie 'Posse'

Tony Scott Says ‘I Want A Remake, Too’, Enters Talks For ‘Wild Bunch’

Thursday, August 18 by

I think Ridley and Tony’s mom sat them down last night and said she wanted to see more remakes from her boys.

Horror Story Belly

FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ Releases Viral ‘Clues’ About The Show

Thursday, August 18 by

When I tried this in orchestra class in 4th grade, they made me change schools.

"I haven't laughed this hard since that Earthquake in Japan!"

In Honor Of Anderson Cooper: 9 Videos Of Reporters Losing Their Sh*t

Thursday, August 18 by

Laugh it up, fuzz ball…


Nicolas Cage Stands Up To Home Invaders In ‘Trespass’ Trailer

Thursday, August 18 by

He’ll defend his futuristic safe by any means necessary.

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