This dude looks like the lovechild of Bruce Springsteen and John C. McGinley

Michaele Salahi And 7 Other Reality Stars We Wish Would Get Kidnapped

Thursday, September 15 by

They don’t have to be taken anywhere that bad. Central Oklahoma will do just fine.

One day, these awards will be known as the 'Breaking Baddies'

9 Emmy Awards That Should Exist (2011 Edition)

Thursday, September 15 by

We don’t acknowledge the existence of mini-series in our Emmys.

It looks like they're on board with the idea.

The ‘Always Sunny’ Gang Is Making An Animated Series For FX

Thursday, September 15 by

Glenn, Rob, and Charlie will be producing, but not lending their voices.


In Honor Of ‘Drive': 9 Smooth Movie Getaways

Thursday, September 15 by

Sometimes flight is much cooler than fight.


Netflix Stock Plummets After Low Subscriber Prediction

Thursday, September 15 by

Whatever that means.


Christina Hendricks

Thursday, September 15 by

It’s everyone’s favorite redhead. And she’s in a movie.

Mac, in thinner times...

Before They Joined The Gang: A Look Back At The ‘Always Sunny’ Cast

Thursday, September 15 by

You gotta start somewhere. Mac started on Law & Order.

Look out! He's got a Fudgesicle!

‘Nicolas Cage Awoken By Naked Man With Fudgesicle’

Thursday, September 15 by

What else can I possible say?

"Hee hee. Those hyenas are doing it."

Spoiler Alert: Matt Damon Buys A Zoo In The ‘We Bought A Zoo’ Trailer

Thursday, September 15 by

Matt Damon says, “F*&k it. Let’s buy this zoo.”

Don't ask about the pudding pop...just don't.

7 Wildly Unnecessary Porn Parodies

Thursday, September 15 by

Don’t ask about the pudding pop…just don’t.

Links Away: Twilight/Slapsot Mash-Up

Wednesday, September 14 by


Sarah Palin and Glenn Rice? (TotalProSports)

Lindsay Mattway Hotness (GorillaMask)

Jordan Daniele Hotness (CagePotato)

The Wet Dream On Elm Street Looks…Good (FilmDrunk)

Stupendous South Park GIFs (Smosh)

Lady Gagas Crotch Shot (Holytac0)

Selenas Justin Bieber Tattoo? (CelebJihad)

Lara Croft vs Dinosaurs (Unreality)

Hot Black Haired Babe (DoubleViking)

Epic ‘Outrate’ Trailer (Slashfilm)

Scarlett Johannson Nudes Hit Internet (MadeMan)

Katy Perry Seems Normal (Ehowa)

Behold, The C3PO Reader (USAToday)

How To Pick The Right Blazer (ModernMan)

Kate Bosworth Hotness (Maxim)

Behold, The Up All Night Premiere (WarmingGlow)

The Greatest Morrowind Mods (GameFront)

Epic Pablo Escobar Tour (TuVez)

The Greatest James Woods Movies Ever (RottenTomatoes)

Sex And The City 2 Recap (MovieLine)


Best chauffer ever.

Viggo Mortensen And David Cronenberg Kicking Around ‘Eastern Promises 2′

Wednesday, September 14 by

Maybe the second one will have a gory nude knife fight in a bath house! Oh. They already did that.

In spite of this image, 'Top Chef' oozes dignity.

5 Reality Shows That Allow The Contestants To Keep Their Dignity

Wednesday, September 14 by

These are the most-respected reality shows, which is tantamount to the distinction of being the tallest midget.


‘The Graduate XXX’ Proves That Porn Has Run Out Of Things To Parody

Wednesday, September 14 by

I can’t wait for the porn parody of Diner

Just out of frame, Chuck Norris is strangling a Russian with his left hand.

Chuck Norris And Jean-Claude Van Damme To Join ‘Expendables 2′ Because Screw You

Wednesday, September 14 by

It’s like an irrelevant ‘Ocean’s 12’!

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