Keira Knightley

Wednesday, May 4 by

World-renowned pirate expert Keira Knightley is more than just a pretty face.


Casting Round-Up: Akerman, Ziering, 50 Cent, Bruce Willis

Wednesday, May 4 by


Carbonite Buildings Are All The Rage

Wednesday, May 4 by

I know it’s fake, but it’s fun to imagine it’s not.


‘The Raven’ No Longer Called ‘The Raven’

Wednesday, May 4 by

Quoth The Untitled Raven Project, nevermore.

That's What I Am

Review: That’s What I Am

Wednesday, May 4 by

Wow, WWE Films went really highbrow with their latest movie.


Clive Owen Will Spend Our Pensions In Economic Downturn Film, ‘Cities’

Wednesday, May 4 by

I’d be pissed about it too if he weren’t so smooth and British all of the time.

Green Lantern

See The New ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer In Brightest Day, Etc.

Wednesday, May 4 by

No trailer shall escape your sight.

The Troll Hunter movie

Review: Trollhunter

Wednesday, May 4 by

Dare I say, the best found footage movie ever?


‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ Is Going To Be Amazeballs

Wednesday, May 4 by

How many marriages will this ruin?


The Guy From ‘Angel’ Is Going To Be In A Movie

Wednesday, May 4 by

….. co-starring Stephen Dorff.

Lisa Cholodenko and Alexander

Lisa Cholodenko To Direct ‘Alexander And The No Good, Very Long Title’?

Tuesday, May 3 by

Fox and producer Shawn Levy are looking to make a no good, very bad adaptation.

Dakota Johnson

All Movies Feature Dakota Johnson Now

Tuesday, May 3 by

The girl who didn’t know she slept with the Napster guy in ‘Social Network’ nabbed parts in ‘Goats’, ‘Five Year Engagement’ and ’21 Jump Street’.

'We Bought A Zoo', Starring This Lion

Cameron Crowe Tweets ‘We Bought A Zoo’ Pics #SadFamiliesAndLions

Tuesday, May 3 by

Director Crowe tweeted these set photos from his new movie, ‘We Bought A Zoo’. How come Matt Damon can buy a zoo and I can’t?

The Situation

MTV Finds New Reason To Give ‘The Situation’ Money: A Development Deal

Tuesday, May 3 by

MTV executives have a plan called Jerseynomics. Basically, it involves throwing tons of money at the cast of their hit reality snoozefest “Jersey Shore,” and then… good… happens.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Retreats From ‘GI Joe 2′

Tuesday, May 3 by

The real Cobra Commander wouldn’t run away from a fight with the Joes, unless he was about to lose.