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Megan Fox And John C. Reilly Popping Up In Sacha Cohen’s ‘The Dictator’

Tuesday, June 21 by

Reilly will be playing a bikini model and Fox will be playing a lovable oaf. Wait. That can’t be right…

Actor Car Accident Deaths

Actors We Have Lost To Car Accidents

Tuesday, June 21 by

Whether it’s coincidence or something that just comes with the territory, actor car accident deaths are not hard to come by.

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‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Director Talks Prequel

Tuesday, June 21 by

Let’s all pretend that the reason Chris Meloni is leaving “Law & Order: SVU” is to perfect his portrayal of Gene, the shell-shocked Vietnam vet.


Roger Ebert’s 5 Most Controversial Statements

Tuesday, June 21 by

Thanks to the advent of Twitter, it’s become even easier for him to stir up trouble.


Exclusive Future Review: ‘Transformers 7: The Bright Side Of Neptune’

Tuesday, June 21 by

Future El Guapo has all the details on the 7th Transformers movie.


The Evolution of Boxing in Film

Tuesday, June 21 by

Over the years the depiction of Boxing in film has changed in many ways.


A Buttload Of Warner Bros TV Shows Are Coming To Comic-Con

Tuesday, June 21 by

You’ll be able to glare at the casts of Alcatraz, Fringe, Chuck, Supernatural and more!!


Review: FX’s Wilfred

Tuesday, June 21 by

“Wilfred” is off to a rough start.

Dream Movies

Dream Movies

Tuesday, June 21 by

A good dream movie will be entertaining and thoughtful while also being trippy as sh*t.


Jake Kasdan Talks ‘Bad Teacher’ And The Underrated ‘Walk Hard’

Tuesday, June 21 by

He promises that there isn’t any penis in the R-rated comedy.


Fiona Gubelmann

Tuesday, June 21 by

“Wilfred” actress Fiona Gubelmann is (literally) the girl next door.


Caption Contest: Win A DVD Prize Pack From The Adjustment Bureau!

Tuesday, June 21 by

Enter now!


Keira Knightley Wants Punishment In Cronenberg’s ‘A Dangerous Method’ Trailer

Tuesday, June 21 by

She’s powerless to resist a man with old-timey facial hair.

Well-Balanced Breakfast

Tuesday, June 21 by

Just make sure you don’t get any on your sweet ‘stache.


9 Rejected ‘For Your Emmy Consideration’ Ads

Tuesday, June 21 by

I set to work harassing my dozens of insider contacts, and was given access to the following rejected ‘For Your Emmy Consideration’ ads.