‘Paradise Lost’ Finds Motion Capture Is Best Approach

Wednesday, July 20 by

The Biblical epic will be mo-capped out the ass.


Graphic Novel ‘Bone’ To Get Its Very Own Animated Trilogy?

Wednesday, July 20 by

It’s like ‘Sin City’, if the characters were all adorable and fun.


Bryan Cranston Exits ‘Gangster Squad’ Because He’s In Every Other Movie

Wednesday, July 20 by

We’ll just have to settle for him appearing in everything else.


Daniel Craig Freaks Out In ‘Dream House’ Trailer

Wednesday, July 20 by

He struggles with the problems of home ownership.


James McTeigue To Deliver ‘Message From The King’

Wednesday, July 20 by

In the right light, you’d swear it was directed by a Wachowski.


Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

Wednesday, July 20 by

A fun origin story with the heart of an underdog really experiencing the wonder of his new powers.


Natalie Dormer

Wednesday, July 20 by

Natalie Dormer is a seductive soldier chick in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger.’


‘South Park’ Isn’t Going Anywhere

Wednesday, July 20 by

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed on for two more seasons.


Web 2.0: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Teaser

Wednesday, July 20 by

Get to know Peter Parker all over again.

Jean Reno 911!

Wednesday, July 20 by

He can’t possibly be more inept than Dangle.


Ben Stiller To Direct And Star In ‘Secret Life Of Walter Mitty’

Wednesday, July 20 by

He’s like a twitchy Ben Affleck.

Sweet Jesus, Does This Look Awful...

The Best ‘Jack & Jill’ Trailer Parodies So Far

Tuesday, July 19 by

If you thought the ‘Jack & Jill’ trailer looked horrible, you’re not alone…


Links Away: Don’t Abuse Zombies

Tuesday, July 19 by

Zach Levi wants you to learn the most humane way to kill a zombie.

Happy Ron Howard

Universal To Catch Ron Howard On The Rebound With ‘Under The Banner Of Heaven’?

Tuesday, July 19 by

Warner Bros wants to show Howard they can love him in a way that Universal never could.


‘Lone Ranger’ Gets Yoakam, Dale, Pepper, And Bonham Carter In The Mix

Tuesday, July 19 by

Wow. This movie just grabbed a whole bunch of respect with these casting choices. Touche, Disney.