Call. The. Police.

9 Scary-Ass Movie Clowns

Monday, October 10 by

We’re tapping into your coulrophobia (and teaching you a new word in the process).

The torn envelope is symbolic.

Netflix Now Agrees With The Rest Of The World That Qwikster Was A Really Bad Idea

Monday, October 10 by

Good news: one site for all services. Bad news: rate hike stays and your streaming selections are still pretty awful. Sooooo…have a nice day?


‘The Big Year’ Actress Rosamund Pike

Monday, October 10 by

Quite a big year, indeed.


8 Cancelled TV Shows That Were On The Wrong Network

Monday, October 10 by

‘The Playboy Club’ is not alone.

Exhibit A

Get Away From Her You Bitch! 4 Women Who Kicked Onscreen Alien Ass

Monday, October 10 by

They’re girls, and they’re not afraid of aliens. That is all.


Gina Carano Kills Hollywood’s A-List In ‘Haywire’ Trailer

Monday, October 10 by

It’s good to see the 1980’s voice-over guy getting work again.

Diversify, Netflix! You can deliver so many more things!

5 Things Netflix Should Rent Instead Of DVDs

Monday, October 10 by

Just think of all the things Netflix could send to you. No, not “cookies.” Think bigger.

Breaking Bad

4 ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters We Want To Die And 4 We Want To Live

Sunday, October 9 by

Maybe they’ll all die. That’d be kind of neat!

Links Away: Sounds Like Steel

Friday, October 7 by


Kobe’s Hilarious Story (TotalProSports)

Mayra Veronica Hotness (GorillaMask)

Eight Pranks In Ultimate Fighter History (CagePotato)

This Guy Hates Robot Boxing (FilmDrunk)

Haters Gonna Hate (Smosh)

How To Properly Celebrate Columbus Day (Holytaco)

Rihanna Gets Her Ass Photographed (CelebJihad)

Kelly Brook As Indiana Jones (Unreality)

Hottie On The Set of Firefly (DoubleViking)

Little Know Facts About Steve Jobs (SocialHype)

The Sounds of Real Steel (SlashFilm)

Silence of the Lambs Recap (31Nights)

Jordana Brewster Hotness (MadeMan)

Sophie Turner Hotness (Ehowa)

Listen to Ladytron Here (USAToday)

How To Do The Perfect Slapshot (MadeMan)

Cast of Princess Bride Reunites (WarmingGlow)

Assassin’s Creed And Bombs Are Awesome (GameFront)

Aline Moraes Hotness (TuVez)

Adorable Pandas of the Day (TheDailyWhat)


Steve Jobs at his Steve Jobsiest.

Sony Picks Up Steve Jobs Biography Because, Hey, Steve Jobs

Friday, October 7 by


Someone is going to bite it.

9 Goriest Deaths So Far On ‘Breaking Bad’

Friday, October 7 by

Spoiler alerts!

You were great in 'Poltergeist 2'.

7 Movie Preachers Who Are Worse Than Fred Phelps

Friday, October 7 by

These guys need to get laid or something.

Yeah, I f*ckin' farted. Come at me, bro!

BREAKING: Fetish Group Trying To Purchase Footage Of Nancy Grace Farting

Friday, October 7 by

Nancy Grace’s ‘DWTS’ run is quickly turning her into Britney Spears, looks notwithstanding.

All responsible moms ride scooters.

A Funeral For A Fake Baby: ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Recap (S7E3)

Friday, October 7 by

At least it was a fake baby.


‘New Girl’ Actress Katie Cassidy

Friday, October 7 by

She’s not the new girl, in case you were wondering.

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