RIP, Frank

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Uncle Frank’ Dead At 77

Tuesday, August 23 by

Guillermo is not a suspect.


Janina Gavankar

Tuesday, August 23 by

Gavankar? I hardly know her?

Enron. Madoff. Globo-Gym.

The Most Evil Businesses In Movie History

Tuesday, August 23 by

The make Enron look like…well, Enron is probably still worse than these guys.


OK Go And The Muppets Team Up For Awesome Music Video

Tuesday, August 23 by

Move over Run DMC and Aerosmith.


Watch Robots Pound On Each Other In ‘Real Steel’ Featurette

Tuesday, August 23 by

See what makes them tick.

Hank Hill Is ‘Pro-Pain’

Tuesday, August 23 by

Hank Hill has a dark side…

An Idiot Abroad…2

Monday, August 22 by


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Growing Up Brown…In A Small Town (TuVez)


He probably kept this jean jacket.

The Worst Of The Best: Sean Penn

Monday, August 22 by

Even Sean Penn has his bad days.


5 Celebrity Daughters Who’ve Done Porn

Monday, August 22 by

The few, the proud, the celebrity daughters who’ve done porn…

Indiana; Let it go!

5 Reasons There Shouldn’t Be An ‘Indiana Jones 5′

Monday, August 22 by

Do not want.

Breaking Bad

Gif Recap: ‘Cornered’ – Shotgun S4E6

Monday, August 22 by

Another good title would have been “Meth Head with a Shotgun!”


Libyan News Anchors A Lot Cooler Than American Ones

Monday, August 22 by

You never see Wolf Blitzer waving a gun on the air. Except that one time.


See Ryan Gosling Break Up A (Real) Fight In NYC

Monday, August 22 by

You know, the guy from the movie.


Zoe Saldana

Monday, August 22 by

Zoe Saldana is consumed by vengeance in ‘Colombiana.’


‘Louie’ Heads To Afghanistan

Monday, August 22 by

The warzone needs fart jokes.

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