Links Away: Titles In Movies, Part 2!

Tuesday, August 23 by


Stephen Lang Doesn’t Mind Being Type Cast (MovieLine)

Nicole Hotness Of The Day (BarstoolSports)

Woman Trying To Be Fattest In The World (Holytaco)

Will and Jada Are The Most Obnoxious Couple (FilmDrunk)

Victoria Justice Reveals Bikini Body (CelebJihad)

Meet The Zen Alien (Unreality)

When Earthquakes Shake Twitter (Moviefone)

17 Yearbook Quote Wins (Smosh)

10 Facts About Earth Quakes (Ranker)

Moammar Mo Problems T-Shirt (BroBible)

Elizabeth Banks Hotness (Maxim)

Mario Lopez Accused Of Date Rape? (Pajiba)

First Hunger Games Footage At MTV Movie Awards (NextMovie)

Nick Newell Is #1 (CagePotato)

Legalized Female Toplessness Gets Overrated? (MadeMan)

The Best Diablo 2 Mods Of All Time (GameFront)

The Best Michelle Rodriguez Films (TuVez)


This is Tugboat. He is awesome.

The Rock And Jerry Bruckheimer Are Ready To Rumble With 80’s Wrestling Drama

Tuesday, August 23 by

Their problems will be very real. Their wrestling will be very fake.


Earthquakes And Hurricanes: Hollywood’s Guide To Surviving Natural Disasters

Tuesday, August 23 by

Nature will end us all.

You gotta know when to fold 'em.

7 Film Roles Will Smith Should Have Divorced

Tuesday, August 23 by

Will Smith should have “separated” himself from these awful films.

File Photo: Wookie Johnson

Damn You, East Coast Earthquake! Give Me Back My Writer!

Tuesday, August 23 by

East Coast Earthquakes?

RIP, Frank

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Uncle Frank’ Dead At 77

Tuesday, August 23 by

Guillermo is not a suspect.


Janina Gavankar

Tuesday, August 23 by

Gavankar? I hardly know her?

Enron. Madoff. Globo-Gym.

The Most Evil Businesses In Movie History

Tuesday, August 23 by

The make Enron look like…well, Enron is probably still worse than these guys.


OK Go And The Muppets Team Up For Awesome Music Video

Tuesday, August 23 by

Move over Run DMC and Aerosmith.


Watch Robots Pound On Each Other In ‘Real Steel’ Featurette

Tuesday, August 23 by

See what makes them tick.

Hank Hill Is ‘Pro-Pain’

Tuesday, August 23 by

Hank Hill has a dark side…

An Idiot Abroad…2

Monday, August 22 by


New Pics From Brighton Rock (Movieline)

MILF Me Part 2! (BarstoolSports)

Hilarious Self Picture Fails (Holytaco)

Movie Pictures Of The Week (FilmDrunk)

Emma Watson Panty Flash (CelebJihad)

Black Milk Does It Again (Unreality)

News From The Rock! (Moviefone)

The Worst T-Shirts To Get Arrested With (Smosh)

The Biggest FBI Fails (Ranker)

Pete Carrol Arrest Prank (BroBible)

Katie Holmes Hotness (Maxim)

The Best Remakes To Date (Pajiba)

The Most Disappointing Summer Movies (NextMovie)

Chael Sonnen Gets Real Insane (CagePotato)

The Weirdest Beer And Liquor Laws (MadeMan)

Deus Ex Review (GameFront)

Growing Up Brown…In A Small Town (TuVez)


He probably kept this jean jacket.

The Worst Of The Best: Sean Penn

Monday, August 22 by

Even Sean Penn has his bad days.


5 Celebrity Daughters Who’ve Done Porn

Monday, August 22 by

The few, the proud, the celebrity daughters who’ve done porn…

Indiana; Let it go!

5 Reasons There Shouldn’t Be An ‘Indiana Jones 5′

Monday, August 22 by

Do not want.

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