I'm sure the paper in question will be some of variation on this.

You Will Soon Be Able To Buy Dunder Mifflin Paper From ‘The Office’. REJOICE!

Monday, November 28 by

This is a way better idea than my ‘Night Court’-branded nocturnal legal services.

It's business time.

‘Flight Of The Conchords’ Tease Us With Movie Talk

Monday, November 28 by

It’s hard to type with finfgners croxssed.


10 Actresses Who’d Look Better With A Moustache

Monday, November 28 by

Let’s not lie to ourselves. Some of these are creepy hot.

Like this, but different.

Attention Shoppers: ‘Chopping Mall’ Remake In The Works

Monday, November 28 by

Just when you thought it was safe to party in a mall after hours.


You Can See A Bit Of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Before The Year Ends

Saturday, November 26 by

Plus, photos!

It Must Be Said

Saturday, November 26 by

Links Away: People Love Wax!

Friday, November 25 by

Where Did ‘Walking Dead’ Go Wrong? *(AOLTV)

Breakout Stars of 2011 (MovieFone)

Nic Cage and Serbian Textbooks (FilmDrunk)

The  Next Vampire Teen Craze Is…(Smosh)

The Planets In A Nutshell (Unreality)

The Worst UFC Debuts (CagePotato)

Americans: Fatter and Lazier (Holytaco)

Miss Leila Hotness (GorillaMask)

How To Cure Your Hiccups (ModernMan)

Woman Scared Of Kittens (DoubleViking)

Emily Browning Hotness (MadeMan)

Abrams Welcomes You To Prison (SlashFilm)

Sophie Reade Bikini Photos (Ehowa)

Jon Stewart vs Stephen Colbert (HuffingtonPost)

All New John Carter Poster (Movieline)

Real Life Adult Swim Characters (ForkParty)

Monika Pietrasinska is Perfect (Gunaxin)

The Muppets Return With Style (NextMovie)

Teresa Moore Hotness (Coed)

Hitler Youth Hair! (GuySpeed)

The Eric Prindle Defeat (TotalProSports)

Cougar Town Got Communitied (WarmingGlow)

Sara Rues Big Ones (NSFW)


Who's big blue? Read on and find out.

9 Lesser-Known Muppets You’ll See In The New Movie

Wednesday, November 23 by

Who’s the big blue guy? Read on and find out.

Huh. I guess she won an Emmy at some point. Interesting.

Sarah Silverman To Take Her “Cute Girl Says Doodie” Act To NBC For A Pilot

Wednesday, November 23 by

This could be the commercially accessible “edginess” NBC needs to turn things around. Just kidding.

Happy Thanksgiving

How To Brine And Roast A Star Of ‘The Expendables 2′

Wednesday, November 23 by


A black guy AND a woman? What a diverse spaceship!

This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful For ‘Prometheus’ Stills From ‘Entertainment Weekly’

Wednesday, November 23 by

Here you go. It looks more like ‘Entertainment Weekly’ than it does a movie.

Why do we feel like voyeurs when they're talking directly to us?

How Faux-Documentary Sitcoms Trick Us, And Why We Love Them Anyway

Wednesday, November 23 by

You’ve been fooled, but you don’t care.

My two least favorite habits - smoking and swimming in your f*cking clothes.

Aaron Sorkin Is ‘Strongly Considering’ Steve Jobs Biopic, Since He Loves Depicting Cold Tech Giants

Wednesday, November 23 by

Sources close to him indicate that Jobs did both walk and talk, so Aaron Sorkin seems like a natural fit.

Crime doesn't pay... especially if you're an idiot.

7 Most Inept Criminal Duos In Cinema History

Wednesday, November 23 by

Crime doesn’t pay… especially if you’re an idiot.

This is how bored Joe Strummer was by the news of his biopic. And he's been dead for nine years.

It’s The Clash Frontman Joe Strummer’s Turn For A Biopic Now, Courtesy Of…Julie Delpy?

Wednesday, November 23 by

Biopics are the new tombstones.

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