Return To The Shire With First Official ‘Hobbit’ Stills

Thursday, June 23 by

Get your first look at Bilbo and check Gandalf’s sexy new look.


Joel David Moore To Play Marijuana Nerd In Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages’

Thursday, June 23 by

He gets the best pot.


Links Away: Tom Hanks Dances Out The Weather

Wednesday, June 22 by

Like a boss? Naturally.


Statham, De Niro, and Owen Just Beating The Holy Hell Out Of Each Other In ‘Killer Elite’ Trailer

Wednesday, June 22 by

It’s “Owen and Statham vs. De Niro,” or “Owen and De Niro vs. Statham,” or something.

Beatty 2

Warren Beatty Will Direct And Star In His Very Own Howard Hughes Project

Wednesday, June 22 by

He’s reaching out to an impressive group in getting this together. It was clear Beatty was serious the second he uttered, “LaBeouf.”

Foxx Wanda

Jamie Foxx Will Be Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

Wednesday, June 22 by

It will be interesting to see how he channels “In Living Color”s Wanda to prepare for this role.

Spy vs. Spy

Ron Howard To Definitely Direct ‘Spy. Vs. Spy’…Right After That ‘Dark Tower’ Affair

Wednesday, June 22 by

I think Will Smith or Nick Cannon should play the black guy and Steve Carell or Ben Stiller should play the white guy.


‘Watchmen’ Scribe To Copy+Paste ‘The Crow’ Into Screenplay Form

Wednesday, June 22 by

At least Bradley Cooper won’t SOUND silly in the role.


Will ‘Dexter’ Get Its Groove Back?

Wednesday, June 22 by

Showrunner Scott Buck gives us a rundown of the upcoming, hopefully awesome sixth season.


Ray Winstone Rounds Out The Dwarf Brigade In ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’

Wednesday, June 22 by

Ray Winstone will play the seventh and final dwarf, “Character Actor-y.”

Screen shot 2011-06-22 at 1.38.47 PM

Thomas Lennon And Rob Riggle To Exist As Yin And Yang In ‘The Boondoggle’

Wednesday, June 22 by

Riggle and Lennon. One will charm the hell out of you while the other screams at you mercilessly.


Katie Cassidy In Talks To Be Really Hot In ‘Freaky Deaky’

Wednesday, June 22 by

I’m thinking she’ll nail the part.

Screen shot 2011-06-22 at 12.33.16 PM

The Rise Of The ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Trailers: Part 3

Wednesday, June 22 by

The monkeys are wreaking slightly more havoc in this one.


17 Awesome ‘Game of Thrones’ Animated Gifs

Wednesday, June 22 by

The bloodiest and boobiest examples I could find from our weekly Season 1 “Game of Thrones” Gif recaps.


LAFF Review: A Better Life

Wednesday, June 22 by

A real thriller with intense stakes, against the backdrop of a relevant social issue.