Links Away: 100 Years Of Visual Effects

Tuesday, August 9 by

Just look at how far we’ve come.

Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 4.56.26 PM

‘Contagion’ Posters Tell You Six Times Not To Touch Or Talk To Anything

Tuesday, August 9 by

These posters want you to live like a hypochondriac, which makes sense, given the subject of the film.

2011 London Riots

9 Intense Cinematic Riot Scenes

Tuesday, August 9 by

That’s not a riot. This is a riot.


Casting Round-Up: ‘R.I.P.D.’, ‘Gangster Squad’, And ‘Alex Cross’ Score Some New Blood

Tuesday, August 9 by

A zombie movie, a Tyler Perry movie, and a movie about crime in 1940’s Los Angeles. Oh, how I wish these were all one glorious film!


‘Dexter’ Season Six Video Still Promises To Be Better

Tuesday, August 9 by

Dexter finds God… and a new showrunner.


Fall TV Tips: Crime Stopper Shows

Tuesday, August 9 by

They are a must every single fall season.

Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 1.51.05 PM

Everyone Wants A Piece Of Nucky In The ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Promo

Tuesday, August 9 by

Nucky Thompson gets swarmed with people like he’s Hannah Montana up in this piece.


Jennifer Garner’s Yard Has A Kid In ‘The Odd Life Of Timothy Green’ Trailer

Tuesday, August 9 by

Disney doesn’t understand where babies come from.

Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 12.29.43 PM

Disney Throws Their Very Own Comic-Con, D23

Tuesday, August 9 by

This isn’t your grandfather’s Disney! Unless your grandfather was Roy Disney, in which case, it is.


Peep This: Matt Damon Running Around ‘Elysium’ Set

Tuesday, August 9 by

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.


Dilshad Vadsaria

Tuesday, August 9 by

Dilshad Vadsaria appears in ’30 Minutes or Less’, playing sister to Aziz Ansari.


Robert Schwentke Lines Up ‘Poison Kitchen’

Tuesday, August 9 by

No, it’s not a reality show on Fox.

Rondre The Giant

Tuesday, August 9 by

Give him all you’ve got.


‘Jersey Shore’ Cast In ‘Three Stooges’ Of Course

Tuesday, August 9 by

Acting Bug just one of the bugs to have bitten ‘The Jersey Shore’ cast.


Brit Marling Picks Robert Redford’s ‘The Company You Keep’

Tuesday, August 9 by

Better luck next time Tom Cruise.

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