Jumping The Broom

Review: Jumping The Broom

Friday, May 6 by

It’s not funny, and it’s obnoxious about trying to be funny.


Review: Something Borrowed

Friday, May 6 by

I can’t believe this derivative movie is based on a book.

Happy Mother's Day

21 Hottest TV and Movie MILFs Of All Time

Friday, May 6 by

It’s Mother’s Day again, the one day out of the year when you stop and say thank you to the woman who had sex with a stranger on a pool…

'Dark Tower' or Jenga Tower: You Decide

Is Universal’s ‘Dark Tower’ More Like A Jenga Tower?

Thursday, May 5 by

Anybody wanna buy a gigantic, cross-platform adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’? I know a bunch of guys looking to sell.

Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton Dumps Kristen Stewart To ‘Kill Bin Laden’ With Kathryn Bigelow

Thursday, May 5 by

As writer Mark Boal furiously adds a happy ending to the script, ‘Kill Bin Laden’ has found one of their leads: Australian actor Joel Edgerton.

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn Continues Being In Movies With ‘Lay The Favorite’

Thursday, May 5 by

Vaughn has joined the cast of Lay The Favorite, starring alongside Bruce Willis and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Hopefully his role is at least somewhat money.

"La Luna"

Preview Still From Pixar’s ‘La Luna’ Looks Typically Magical

Thursday, May 5 by

All that childhood wonder in his eyes makes me absolutely sick.

Stephen Collins

‘Stooges’ Adds Real Star Power To Cast With Stephen Collins From ’7th Heaven’

Thursday, May 5 by

‘The Three Stooges’ reboot was at one time going to be headlined by movie stars like Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro. Now it’s a bunch of 90′s TV stars.

Tupac The Screenwriter

No, Really. Tupac Shakur Just Sold His Screenplay.

Thursday, May 5 by

Shakur wrote a screenplay called ‘Live 2 Tell’, which he wrote in prison, that just recently was purchased by NStar Studios. Some inmates beat up smaller guys for cigarettes, Shakur wrote a screenplay.


Links Away: Trot Fuzz

Thursday, May 5 by

My Little Pony with voices from Hot Fuzz is nothing short of awesome.


Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ Casts Almost Every Actor In SAG

Thursday, May 5 by

When Lincoln rolls, he rolls deep.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Cheapens Herself With Ensemble Pregnancy Rom-Com

Thursday, May 5 by

The fact that Cameron Diaz is in this film is actually more disturbing than childbirth itself.

Jamie Bell

‘Retreat’ Trailer Pits Billy Elliott Against A Married Couple

Thursday, May 5 by

And this is why you never trust a ginger.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper Might Lock Into Life-Long Battle With Ryan Gosling

Thursday, May 5 by

It will be the most non-threatening knock-down, drag-out battle this world has ever seen.

The Trip

Two Comedians Eat, Drink, And Bust Balls In ‘The Trip’

Thursday, May 5 by

It’s kinda like going on a 70-minute road trip with two hilarious British friends. It’s exactly like that, actually.