Jeff Conway

Yikes News: Jeff Conaway From ‘Taxi’ In A Drug-Induced Coma

Wednesday, May 18 by

I guess it’s not a surprise that an actor who appeared on VH1′s “Celebrity Rehab” OD’d, but it’s still sad news, nonetheless.

Stephen Fry

Smartypants Comedian Stephen Fry Joins ‘The Hobbit’

Wednesday, May 18 by

British actor/comedian Stephen Fry is The Master of your ‘Hobbit’ domain.

'American Reunion': Starring You?!

Ladies, Your Boobs Can Be Immortalized In ‘American Reunion’

Wednesday, May 18 by

There’s a part in the latest ‘American Pie’ movie for an 18-20 year old hottie. There’s also a part in my movie for one of those too… uh, yeah…

The Hauntrepreneur and Michael Bay, Finally Teaming Up

Michael Bay To Produce Brilliantly Named Film: ‘The Hauntrepreneur’

Wednesday, May 18 by

Paramount purchased the Scott Rosenberg (‘Con Air’) spec script ‘The Hauntrepreneur’, about a strange man who builds haunted houses. Sounds spooktacular.

Movies to Prepare for May 21st

9 Films To Prepare You For Judgment Day (May 21st, 2011)

Wednesday, May 18 by

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this preview of the devastation that awaits us all on Saturday.

Whiplash watches a lot of G4

Casting Round-Up: Olivia Munn, Allison Pill, Topher Grace, 50 Cent

Wednesday, May 18 by

Two of these actors will walk and talk for Aaron Sorkin, one will go blind and the other will flow ‘Gently Down The Stream’.


Links Away: Arnold’s Love Child Revealed

Wednesday, May 18 by

So apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger has some illegitimate children.

2 Broke Chicks

CBS Fall Line-up Includes J.J. Abrams, Kat Dennings, And 3 Old-People Shows

Wednesday, May 18 by

CBS has cranked out several programs with broadly drawn characters, some of whom even solve crimes.

Catherine Tate

Brit Comic Catherine Tate Top Choice To Replace Steve Carell On ‘The Office’

Wednesday, May 18 by

The winner of the job will have to demonstrate excellent looking-into-the-camera skills.

Transformers 3

1st Clip From ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Has 0 Transformers

Wednesday, May 18 by

Can Autobots turn into Patrick Dempsey now?


Review: American Animal

Wednesday, May 18 by

Writer/director Matt D’Elia’s world is like a post-Charlie Kaufman absurd art film.

Totally gratuitous photo

Every Actor In Hollywood Joins ‘Seeking A Friend For The End of the World’

Wednesday, May 18 by

Who wouldn’t want to be in a comedy about the Apocalypse?


Johnny Depp Is Sorry He Makes So Much Money

Wednesday, May 18 by

He didn’t ask to be Jack Sparrow.

Jennifer Lawrence

Our First Look At Jennifer Lawrence As Katniss In ‘The Hunger Games’

Wednesday, May 18 by

Dystopian girls are pretty hot.

We All Scream For 'Hangover 2'

Todd Phillips Says ‘The Hangover III’ Will Follow A Different Path

Wednesday, May 18 by

Or how about a Mr. Chow spinoff?