According to the 2010 romantic comedy census, over 94% of American women work as either event planners, magazine editors, or advertising executives.

6 Professions That Are Ridiculously Overused By Romantic Comedies

Friday, November 4 by

Because nobody want’s to see a movie about the people that manage Payless Shoes…except for me.


David Wain’s Wanderlust Trailer Makes Hippies Likable

Friday, November 4 by

From a distance.

Links Away: Got Muppets Tickets?

Thursday, November 3 by


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Brooke Mueller See Through (NSFW)


Check Out A New Clip From ‘The League’ While Updating Your MyFace

Thursday, November 3 by

It could work. Maybe.


New ‘Sunny’ Clip Shows The Gang Breathing Down Zuckerberg’s Neck

Thursday, November 3 by

The gang joins Facebook.


The Muppets

Thursday, November 3 by

Director: James Bobbin Cast: Amy Adams, Jason Segal, Chris Cooper Synopsis: With the help of three fans The Muppets must reunite to save their old theater from a greedy oil tycoon. Release Date: November…



Thursday, November 3 by

Director: Martin Scorsese Cast: Asa Butterfield, Chloe Grace Moretz, Christopher Lee Synopsis: Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a…

Everything about this makes me hungry.

The 7 Best TV And Movie Sandwiches For National Sandwich Day

Thursday, November 3 by

The most important list ever.

This witness was too scared to testify as to what he saw.

A Proportionate Response: Wife Smothered To Death After Smashing Husband’s ‘Star Wars’ Toys

Thursday, November 3 by

He told you not to touch them! And they’re “action figures” by the way.

It would be our pleasure to see Mr. Ratner perform cinematic karate on the following film franchises.

8 Film Franchises We’d Like Brett Ratner To Ruin

Thursday, November 3 by

Sorry, beloved film franchises…YOU JUST GOT RATNER-ED!!!

The horse was scheduled to be euthanized, which makes this in no way objectionable.

Nude Girl Buys Horse, Shoots It, Then Resides In Its Corpse A La ‘Empire Strikes Back’

Thursday, November 3 by

Yeah, we got pictures.


“Community” Actress Gillian Jacobs

Thursday, November 3 by

Britta Perry for class president.

These guys used to be considered cool too.

10 Classic MTV Shows That Didn’t Suck

Thursday, November 3 by

There used to be a lot of cool sh*t on MTV.

This is harder than Sophie's Choice.

Tracy Morgan And Eddie Griffin Both Vying To Play ODB In Wu Tang Biopic

Thursday, November 3 by

This is more difficult than Sophie’s Choice.


7 Classic Gangster Movies Remade With Juggalos

Thursday, November 3 by

Magnets? Fugetaboutit!

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