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New ‘Moneyball’ Trailer Says “Take That, Baseball Traditionalists!”

Wednesday, August 3 by

Jonah Hill is here to tell you that you CAN buy a championship, Old Timer.


Doug Liman Gives Dating Advice, Talks ‘Bourne Legacy’ And Space Heist Movie

Wednesday, August 3 by

It’s all about texting nowadays.


Cut The Commentary: ‘The Exorcist’

Wednesday, August 3 by

William Friedkin points out some details that you don’t give a sh*t about.

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‘Killer Elite’s Second Trailer Confirms That These Are The Most Elite Of Killers

Wednesday, August 3 by

If you think that these gentlemen are suitable to eff with, this trailer will dispel that notion VERY quickly.


Lindsay Pulsipher

Wednesday, August 3 by

Lindsay Pulsipher is an unhinged panther lady on ‘True Blood.’


The Future Is Model Hot In New ‘In Time’ Trailer

Wednesday, August 3 by

On the one hand, it’s a dystopia. On the other, meeee-ooowwwww.


Emile Hirsch Battles Invisible Aliens In ‘The Darkest Hour’ Trailer

Wednesday, August 3 by

They’re like weapons-toting ghosts.


Details Revealed On Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Two And A Half Men’ Character

Wednesday, August 3 by

He’s rich and broken-hearted.

Dennis Quaid Checks His Puggage

Wednesday, August 3 by

There’s an extra fee for anything over 50 lbs.


Leonardo DiCaprio Made More Money Than You Last Year

Wednesday, August 3 by

He’s Hollywood’s highest paid actor according to Forbes. In related news, there was already some money in the dryer when I used it today.

30 Minutes or Less

Will The Australian “Collar Bomb” Attack Delay The Release Of ’30 Minutes Or Less’?

Wednesday, August 3 by

Given the willingness of so many media figures to blame Hollywood, it’s probably only a matter of time.


Laurence Fishburne Is Perry White Somehow In ‘Man Of Steel’

Wednesday, August 3 by

Jimmy Olsen is gonna get TOLD.

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Hey! Brett Easton Ellis Wrote A Movie About A Psycho Who Feeds People To Sharks!

Tuesday, August 2 by

Brett Easton Ellis wrote a script that the Guy who wrote ‘Taxi Driver’ is directing about a madman who holds people captive in shark-infested waters. No big deal.


Links Away: Newlyweds Peep The Batmobile

Tuesday, August 2 by

Having finished their nuptials, a newlwed couple exited the church to find the Batmobile parked across the street.

Whitaker on the red carpet of last year's Golden Globes.

Forest Whitaker And Anthony Mackie Enter A Voodoo Throwdown In ‘Vipaka’

Tuesday, August 2 by

Two of the hardest working men in showbusiness aren’t too busy to make time for voodoo.