‘John Carter’ Gets His Ass To Mars In First Teaser

Thursday, July 14 by

John Carter must save Mars. For some unknown reason.


‘Harry Potter’ Producer Following ‘Night Circus’

Thursday, July 14 by

The magic isn’t dead for David Heyman.

You okay, champ? You want a soda??

Your 63rd Primetime Emmy Nominees

Thursday, July 14 by

Awww. Cheer up, Jon Hamm. It could be your year.


‘Carmageddon: The Movie’ Trailer

Wednesday, July 13 by

Los Angeles, the end is nigh.

Sick Gwyneth

The ‘Contagion’ Trailer Will Kills Us All!

Wednesday, July 13 by

It’s like ‘Outbreak’ but with…Ok. It’s just like ‘Outbreak’. But with Soderbergh and an amazing cast.


Links Away: Drunk People Getting Drunk (In Movies)

Wednesday, July 13 by

Drunk people: Funny in movies, deplored in real life.

So sick of 'Hobbit' pics I could stab someone

More…(Sigh)…Dwarf Photos From ‘The Hobbit’

Wednesday, July 13 by

Here’s the backstory for these three: They’re dwarf characters in ‘The Hobbit’.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster...

9 Most Ruthless Movie Gangsters

Wednesday, July 13 by

They’ll gun you down and sleep like a baby.

It's breaking free of Development Hell

UPDATED: ‘Evil Dead 4′ Could Actually Be Happening

Wednesday, July 13 by

What sorcery brought this project to fruition?


Casting Round-Up: Joaquin Phoenix And Natasha Lyonne Get Back To Work

Wednesday, July 13 by

Also, Leatherface finds more pretty people to dismember.


Alexander Skarsgard To Play A Non-Vampire Viking In ‘The Vanguard’

Wednesday, July 13 by

It would make sense that they would get the most Nordic actor ever. Well, after Ed Begley, Jr.

Hug it out, bitch.

David Goyer To Make ‘Godzilla’ Awesome Again

Wednesday, July 13 by

Let’s just pretend the Roland Emmerich version didn’t happen.

Neil Patrick Harris Rides

Neil Patrick Harris Reveals ‘A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas’ Depravity

Wednesday, July 13 by

What drug will NPH be tripping on this time?


‘Total Recall’ And ‘Superman’ Pics Give Us Peeks Into A Futuristic World And A Smashed Truck, Respectively

Wednesday, July 13 by

Geez, let the robot pee, for Pete’s sake.

R.I.P. Sam Malone

5 Atypical Ted Danson Roles

Wednesday, July 13 by

War hero, murder victim, blackfaced minstrel: Ted Danson has played it all.