The UK ‘Adventures Of Tintin’ Trailer Is Badass

Wednesday, October 5 by


13th Annual 2009 ACE Awards Presented by the Accessories Council - Arrivals

Lifetime Hatching Lady Gaga Biopic

Wednesday, October 5 by

This is going to be weird.

I'm drunk right now.

7 Memorable Movie Whiskey Drinkers

Wednesday, October 5 by

Don’t offer them a Zima if you’re out of whiskey. Trust me.

Links Away: Inseparable Sheep Twins

Tuesday, October 4 by


Keeping Your Head Up! (TotalProSports)

Alessandra Pinho Hotness (GorillaMask)

The Most Insanely Dangerous Combat Sports Ever (CagePotato)

Rip Torn Bare Knuckle Boxes Dudes (FilmDrunk)

Awesomely Awkward iPhone Corrections (Smosh)

Iconic Posters in Movie History (Unreality)

Argentina Responds With Their Own Dancing Nip Slip (Holytaco)

The Ultimate Jessica Alba Ass Collection (CelebJihad)

Hottie By The Pool (DoubleViking)

Dexter and Simpsons Could End (SlashFilm)

Haunting Halloween Cocktails (MadeMan)

Katy Perry Hotness (Ehowa)

LOTS and LOTS of New Grads (USAToday)

Healthy Fast Food Options (ModernMan)

Evangeline Lily Hotness (Maxim)

The Onion TV Returns (WarmingGlow)

PS3 Rage Review (Gamefront)

Cartel Boss Has American Children (TuVez)


Is that horse wearing a f*cking sombrero? Oh, man. This remake is going to be IN-SANE!

HOLY SH*T: TV’s ‘Mr. Ed’ Is Gonna Be A Movie

Tuesday, October 4 by

I hope this paves the way for other beloved, irrelevant properties to be made into films, too!

Jeez. Dude really loves that horse.

Don’t Tread On The Full ‘War Horse’ Trailer

Tuesday, October 4 by

Jeez. Dude really loves that horse.

Homer responds with some cuts of his own.

5 Reasons Fox Won’t Cancel ‘The Simpsons’

Tuesday, October 4 by

We call bullsh*t!

I'm willing to bet Steve Jobs modeled his office after this.

6 Movie Production Designs That Mirror Apple

Tuesday, October 4 by

Did Apple design these sets, or did these sets design Apple (metaphorically, of course)?

Whose idea was it to give this guy a microphone?

9 Entertainers Who Were Fired For ‘Offensive’ Statements

Tuesday, October 4 by

“People have to watch what they say and what they do.”

Hayden Panettiere

Let’s Hope The Amanda Knox Movie Has A Nude Scene

Tuesday, October 4 by

If not, at least it’s only a matter of time before the actual Amanda Knox poses for Playboy.

Write a caption that's funnier than this one if you want to win.

Caption This Pic And Win ‘Pulp Fiction’ On Blu-Ray DVD

Tuesday, October 4 by

Caption this pic, and you might win ‘Pulp Fiction’ on Blu-ray…

They just can't compete with streaming porn.

‘The Playboy Club’ Lasted Longer Than We Thought, Cancelled After Two Episodes

Tuesday, October 4 by

Apparently, sort of looking like ‘Mad Men’ will help your show last two episodes. After that, it has to be good.

Keep your expectations low.

Don’t Get Too Excited For The Return Of Arrested Development

Tuesday, October 4 by

Be careful what you wish for…

Don't forget the black swans.

Paramount And New Regency To Foot The Bill For Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’

Tuesday, October 4 by

Darren Aronofsky won’t have to look under the couch cushions after all.

zeta killers

5 Movie Vigilantes Who Could Fight The Zetas

Tuesday, October 4 by

Why isn’t Batman doing something about the Zetas?

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