I went with this image after I went into a Google image search for "Fat Bitch" unprepared.

8 Movies-Within-Movies That Should Be Made

Tuesday, October 25 by

Instead of the Battleship film, why didn’t someone sack up and make ‘Nation’s Pride’?

Mr. Leno will be flying a denim shirt at half-mast for the rest of the week.

Jay Leno’s Joke Kills Two Motorcyclists

Tuesday, October 25 by

This is worse than when the Dancing Ito’s went haywire and took out that orphanage.

Lindsay Lohan, this is your future.

In Honor Of Lindsay Lohan: 7 Actresses Who Waited Too Long For Playboy

Tuesday, October 25 by

Lindsay Lohan, this is your future.

Jurassic Park: Still Sexy

The ‘Jurassic Park Trilogy Box Set’ Is Sexier Than A Shirtless Jeff Goldblum

Tuesday, October 25 by

Just kidding. Nothing’s sexier than a shirtless Jeff Goldblum…

As you can see, the cast is very excited about this news.

AMC Renews ‘The Walking Dead’ Since They Already Bought All Those Zombie Costumes

Tuesday, October 25 by

Just imagine how well it would do if it had characters we cared about!

Let's get him the White House AND a five-picture deal at DreamWorks.

Herman Cain And The 9 Craziest Campaign Videos Of Recent Years

Tuesday, October 25 by

I wish I could vote for all these candidates, even the ones whose elections have already taken place.


‘Pan Am’ Actress Kelli Garner

Tuesday, October 25 by

Just another attractive stewardess.

The Many Shirts of Jeff Bridges

Tuesday, October 25 by

Can you see her love bug?

Lindsay Lohan Finally Poses Nude For Playboy

Tuesday, October 25 by

Better late than never?


Scarlett Johansson Leads Off 8 Stupid Celebrity TV Commericals

Tuesday, October 25 by

WARNING: The following videos may include footage that will make you feel sad.

The film will be markedly worse than this picture.

Tyler Perry’s ‘The Marriage Counselor’ Will Now Feature Two Things Black People Love: Tyler Perry And Kim Kardashian’s Ass

Tuesday, October 25 by

Brought to you by Skechers Shape-Ups and TBS…


Sony Pokes Aaron Sorkin And Asks Him To Write Steve Jobs Biopic

Tuesday, October 25 by

Sony calls on the master of nerd storytelling.

Creepiness defined...

15 Creepy Movie Kids We’d Pay To See Fight

Tuesday, October 25 by


Links Away: Sugar High FTW

Monday, October 24 by

When Poop Can Become Gold (Guyspeed)

Homoerotic Moment in NHL (TotalProSports)

Layla Sexiness (GorillaMask)

Britney Palmer Hotness (CagePotato)

Michael Winslow Can Really Shred (FilmDrunk)

Disney Channel Timeline (Smosh)

Microbes Keep Farting In Our Water (Holytaco)

Victoria Justice’s Tight Ass (CelebJihad)

Why Don’t You Realize How Awesome Green Lantern Was? (NextMovie)

What Network TV Gets You (Unreality)

This Chick Really Likes Saunas (DoubleViking)

Sicko of the Day Is…(SocialHype)

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas Trailer (SlashFilm)

The Unknown Review (31Nights)

Why You Should Grow A Mustache (MadeMan)

Jenny McCarthy Hotness (Ehowa)

Star Wars Comic Preview (USAToday)

Messenger Bags…For Dudes (ModernMan)

Milla Jovovich Hotness (Maxim)

Radioactive Wolves!!! (WarmingGlow)

War In The North: Dwarves Trailer (GameFront)

The Best Spy Spoofs Out There (RottenTomatoes)

Blackout Wisconsin Tomorrow Night (BarstoolSports)

Unforgiven...for that Bob Seger remake.

Metallica To Waste Their Money Creating A 3D Movie

Monday, October 24 by

This is going to be awesome in a “I’m laughing at them” kind of way.

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