‘Dexter’ Promo Suggests He’s Doing God’s Work

Friday, July 15 by

Someone has to take care of all the evil.


‘Friday Night Lights’ Series Adaptation Of Movie To Become Movie

Friday, July 15 by

But will it stay true to the book?


New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Stills Show Spidey Is Maybe A Jerk

Friday, July 15 by

It’s like a live-action version of the Spider-Man meme.

So long, Potter.

What’s Playing This Weekend: July 15th

Friday, July 15 by

Here’s what’s playing for the weekend of July 15th, 2011


‘Friends With Benefits’ Red Band: More Casual F***ing

Friday, July 15 by

Can this different set of best friends also be sex friends???


Captain America: The First Avenger

Friday, July 15 by

DIRECTOR: Joe JohnstonCAST: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee JonesSYNOPSIS: After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals.


Gif Recap: ‘Wilfred’ – Acceptance S1E4

Friday, July 15 by

Ed Helms guest stars in the role he was born to play: a creepy doggie daycare owner who rubs peanut butter on his crotch.


Writers Hired For Competing ‘Bad Santa 2′ Scripts

Friday, July 15 by

Dimension has invoked kal-if-fee.


30 Minutes or Less

Friday, July 15 by

Director: Ruben Fleischer Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson Synopsis: Two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery guy, strap a bomb to his chest, and inform him that he has mere hours…

Hobo Stormtrooper

Friday, July 15 by

If the Death Star won’t take him in, who will?


Dorian Brown

Friday, July 15 by

Dorian Brown is the uptight sister on FX’s “Wilfred.”


Tom Hardy Will Burn It All Down As Al Capone In ‘Cicero’

Friday, July 15 by

What up, gangsta?


‘The Hobbit’ Dwarf Lords Balin And Dwalin’s Prom Photo Now Online

Friday, July 15 by

Twelve down, one to go.

"I'm brining seffzy bacfk..."

Justin Timberlake To Fight Bad Guys In ‘Fully Automatic’

Friday, July 15 by

Justin Timberlake. Just what ‘Lethal Weapon’ was missing.

That's a BINGO!

2011 Comic-Con Bingo

Friday, July 15 by

A fun way for Comic-Con attendees to pass the time while they wait in endless lines.