‘New Girl’ Actress Zooey Deschanel

Thursday, December 8 by

She’s not that new.

Danny Pudi

‘Community’ Countdown: 31 Awesome Abed Nadir Gifs

Thursday, December 8 by

In honor of tonight’s episode of Community, which could be the last episode of Community.

"Drink this. It makes 'Land of the Lost' more fun to watch."

Will Ferrell For ‘Old Milwaukee’ Beer

Thursday, December 8 by

But only in the Davenport, Iowa Quad City marketplace.

Celebrities! They're just like us! They beat concierges with phones and called their 11 year-old daughters "pigs!"

Our 7 Favorite Tantrum-Throwing Actors

Thursday, December 8 by

“Artistic temperament” is the excuse they’ll use while they bite your face and hurl epithets at you.


Jason Segal And Emily Blunt Literally Fall For Each Other In ‘Five-Year Engagement’ Trailer

Thursday, December 8 by

Co-starring Alison Brie.

We Got Dodgson Here!

Thursday, December 8 by

Links Away: Guy Pearce Is a Badass

Wednesday, December 7 by

RIP Henry Morgan (AOLTV)

The Best Trailers of 2011 (Moviefone)

Limp Bizkit Dropped From Their Label (FilmDrunk)

It Happened On 5th Avenue (TheCelebrityCafe)

The Most Sinister Kids Ever (Smosh)

How To Freak Out Your Friends via Skyrim (Unreality)

Brittney Palmer Returns To The UFC (CagePotato)

Rick Perry: No Homo For the Holidays (Holytaco)

The Most Expensive Ferrari Crash Of Our Age (SocialHype)

Kelsey Monroe Hotness (GorillaMask)

Words of Wisdom: From A Bonehead (ModernMan)

Hotties On The Beach (DoubleViking)

Hangover Cures That Actually Work (MadeMan)

Dragon Tattoo Viral Highlights (SlashFilm)

Emma Stone Is Sexy (Ehowa)

Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On (HuffComedy)

Effron Into Michelle Pfeiffer (Movieline)

Girl Wrestlers Caught Mid Move (Gunaxin)

Jonah Hills Funniest Moments (NextMovie)

Chloe Pridham Hotness (Coed)

Ari Graynor Hotness (Guyspeed)

Bruins Love Their Booze (TotalProSports)

Grinches Be Crazy (WarmingGlow)

Selena Gomez Bends Over (NSFW)


He was 96-years young, which is really friggen old!

Colonel Potter’s Dead, And You Feel Nothing

Wednesday, December 7 by

He was 96-years young, which is really friggen old!

So fresh. So clean.

7 Mostly-Dumb Instances Of White Actors Rapping

Wednesday, December 7 by

I don’t see people in terms of “black” or “white.” Unless they’re rapping. Then they better be black.

Alec Baldwin shows James Lipton the proper way to eat an invisible panini.

Alec Baldwin And 5 Other Celebrities Who’ve Been Kicked Off A Flight

Wednesday, December 7 by

The Wright Brothers would be appalled.

Yup. There's a 'Three Stooges' "origins" story.

‘The Three Stooges’ Trailer Is Exactly What We Thought It Would Be, Yet Somehow Still Disappointing

Wednesday, December 7 by

*Sigh* What were you expecting?


‘Young Adult’ Actress Charlize Theron

Wednesday, December 7 by

How old is she, again?

I hope it was worth it, Mythbusters.

‘Mythbusters’ Accidentally Sent A Cannonball Through A House

Wednesday, December 7 by

Before you laugh at this, please bear in mind that a minivan was damaged.

Michael Jackson in happier times.

7 ‘Glee’ Tributes We’d Like To See

Wednesday, December 7 by

Enough with the shitty bands.

This will make money.

Adam Sandler Spawns A ‘Grown Ups’ Sequel

Wednesday, December 7 by

More like GROAN Ups. Amirite?

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