See Ryan Gosling Break Up A (Real) Fight In NYC

Monday, August 22 by

You know, the guy from the movie.


Zoe Saldana

Monday, August 22 by

Zoe Saldana is consumed by vengeance in ‘Colombiana.’


‘Louie’ Heads To Afghanistan

Monday, August 22 by

The warzone needs fart jokes.

I was big in the 80's!

In Honor Of The Fall Of Tripoli/Gaddafi: 5 Classic Films That Feature Libya

Monday, August 22 by

For those of you who weren’t paying attention the first time around.

The Clay Davis Spreadsheeeeeeeeeet…

Monday, August 22 by

A great way to keep track of your bribes.

'Wreck It Ralph'

‘Wreck It Ralph’ Will Probably Blow All Our Minds

Monday, August 22 by

First footage of the video game movie wowed everyone at D23.

Good help is so hard to find...

Weekend Box Office Report: ‘The Help’ Could Have Done Worse

Sunday, August 21 by

Maybe ‘Conan: The Help’ would have done better.

muppets 2 thumb

Check Out Some New ‘The Muppets’ Photos Because They Have Muppets

Sunday, August 21 by

Plus Chris Cooper and Wanda Sykes!

German DVD Covers Rule

Sunday, August 21 by

Germany‘s acceptance of causal nudity almost makes up for World War I and II, but will never make up for Uwe Boll.

pixar logo

Pixar Announces 2 Mind-Blowing Upcoming Movies At D23

Saturday, August 20 by

Dinosaurs, and that’s just the first one.

Yeah, he'll probably steal you're girlfriend, then treat her poorly.

Jason Momoa Talks About ‘Conan’, ‘Expendables’, And Beer

Saturday, August 20 by

Momoa sounds a little cocky. You’d be cocky too if you were Conan.

Links Away: Polish Spiderman!

Friday, August 19 by


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Arkham City Guide (GameFront)



7 Horror Remakes That Don’t Suck

Friday, August 19 by

In honor of ‘Fright Night’, we run down horror remakes that are worth their ticket price.

Bourdain's thinkin' Rachel's looking pretty "yum-o" herself.

The Sh*t-Talking Chronicles Of Anthony Bourdain

Friday, August 19 by

He must have been a huge hit at the Christmas Party.


In Honor Of The King’s Retirement: 17 Classic Burger King Gifs

Friday, August 19 by

The King is dead. Long Live These Gifs…

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