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Seth Rogen To Play A Schlub On ‘The League’ This Time

Monday, August 8 by

Will Seth Rogen be able to capture the essence of “Dirty Randy?”

R.I.P. Charlie

9 Most Famous Sitcom Character Deaths

Monday, August 8 by

In honor of the death of Charlie Harper, here are nine more famous sitcom deaths.

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Here’s How Charlie Sheen Dies In ‘Two And A Half Men’

Monday, August 8 by

Warning: It’s kind of lame.


Michael Bay Epic Spinning Shot Supercut

Monday, August 8 by

How can one shot be packed with so much drama?


Russell Crowe Rules ‘Broken City’ With An Iron Fist

Monday, August 8 by

There’s something about Crowe that screams corrupt mayor.


Fall TV Tips: Fairy Tale Dramas

Monday, August 8 by

Networks are taking a chance on fairy tales this year. Will their wishes for viewers come true?


‘Hunger Games’ Sequel ‘Catching Fire’ Gets Release Date

Monday, August 8 by

You can nail down plans for Thanksgiving 2013.


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Monday, August 8 by

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood runs from Death in ‘Final Destination 5.’

Boba On Antiques Roadshow

Monday, August 8 by

He’s about to become a very rich bounty hunter.


Jason Momoa Wrote ‘Conan’ Sequel For Anyone Interested

Monday, August 8 by

Professional barbarian adds screenwriting to list of job skills.


Cinema’s Most Inept Criminals

Monday, August 8 by

In honor of ’30 Minutes or Less’, here are 13 of the most inept movie criminals.


Bane Takes In A Steelers Game In ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Vids

Monday, August 8 by

But where is his Terrible Towel?


John C. Reilly Is The Best Dad In ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ Trailer

Monday, August 8 by

Except that he raises a psychopath. Oops.


Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Apes’ Rise, ‘Change-Up’ Sinks

Sunday, August 7 by

Maybe Jason Bateman should have switched bodies with a monkey.


Groovy Bruce Campbell In ‘Oz’

Sunday, August 7 by