Dust in the wind...

The 7 Shortest-Lived TV Shows Of 2011

Friday, December 9 by

We hardly knew ye.


I Wrote My Review Of ‘New Year’s Eve’ While On The Toilet

Friday, December 9 by

It’s bad, man.


‘Fringe’ Actress Anna Torv

Friday, December 9 by


The last dude you want to give fridge privileges.

9 Worst Movie Babysitters Besides Jonah Hill

Friday, December 9 by

What could possibly go wrong?

"I really have no idea what you're saying. Are you trying to threaten me? .... Does anyone have a pen and some paper?"

Tom Hardy Is A Real Mushmouth In ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Friday, December 9 by

Much like your mom, he’s having a hard time talking through that mask.

Oh yeah... This was a thing.

The 9 Most Forgettable Films Of 2011

Friday, December 9 by

These weren’t even bad enough to remember.


Warner Bros Realizes That Guy Ritchie Is Perfect For ‘Man From U.N.C.L.E.’

Friday, December 9 by


Links Away: Guy Ritchie Directs ‘Angry Birds’

Thursday, December 8 by


Neo-Nazi Gang Makes Nazi-Themed “Monopoly” Board Game (Social Hype)

The Real Housewives Enter Rehab (AOLTV)

Oh Yeah, It’s Walt Disney’s Birthday (MovieFone)

The Full Tim and Eric Trailer (FilmDrunk)

Mothers And Daughters Of Hollywood (TheCelebrityCafe)

Motion Gaming Sucks…That’s Right (Smosh)

Disturbing Robot Girlfriends (Unreality)

Carlos Newton Quietly Retires (CagePotato)

Epic Crash in Japan (Holytaco)

Amanda Marie Hotness (GorillaMask)

Take The Eddit Murphy Quiz (ModernMan)

Harry Potter Takes Over Universal (SlashFilm)

Laura Vandervoort Hotness (Ehowa)

The Comedy Nerd’s Gift Guide (HuffingtonPost)

Meet The Anti-Arie Gold (MovieLine)

Bible Camp Counselor Screws 13 Year Old (ForkParty)

Halle Berry Hotness (Gunaxin)

The Hottest Movie Photoes of 2011 (NextMovie)

Natalia Belova HOtness (Coed)

The Craziest Urinals Yet (Gunaxin)

Perfectly Timed Sports (TotalProSports)

Flo Rida And…Serial Killers? (WarmingGlow)

Linda Hearst Nakedness (DrunkenStepfather)


Watch A Clip From New FX Comedy ‘Unsupervised,’ Provided You Have A Parent’s Permission

Thursday, December 8 by

Let’s not lose our heads here.


Joseph Farrell Invented The Movie Trailer, But Now He’s Dead

Thursday, December 8 by

Without Farrell, that one guy who does all the voiceovers for trailers would have been homeless.

"I DO like Huey Lewis, Patrick! This is turning out to be a great night!"

‘American Psycho’ Is Getting A Remake

Thursday, December 8 by

That was fast.

Watching 'Swamp Loggers' is now tantamount to singing the National Anthem.

All Politics Aside, Republicans Watch Some Really Shitty Television

Thursday, December 8 by

Then again, Democrats seem to like The View, so I guess they’re both pretty bad.

Study Hall Win

Thursday, December 8 by


In Honor Of Lindsay Lohan: The Playboy Covers Of The Stars

Thursday, December 8 by

They needed the money.

I have that same body language when I hear about new CBS sitcoms.

¡A Preview Clip For ‘¡Rob!’! ¡Terrific News!

Thursday, December 8 by

Over/under on first “Macarena” reference? Episode 6 is my guess.

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