Jason Segel Talks Teachers, Muppets, Mothers, And Five Year Engagements

Wednesday, June 22 by

He’s a very busy man.


Lucy Punch

Wednesday, June 22 by

British actress Lucy Punch plays opposite Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher.


‘Grudge’ Director Taking ‘Flight 75′

Wednesday, June 22 by

Now ghosts are attacking our airplanes. Too bad the name ‘Soul Plane’ was already taken.


Casting Round-Up: Isla Fisher, Ed Helms, Idris Elba, And Jason Momoa Acting In Stuff

Wednesday, June 22 by

These new roles will raise their positions on the Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon game board.

TV Magic

Wednesday, June 22 by

If people don’t show up to audition, improvise.


Review: FX’s Louie Season 2

Wednesday, June 22 by

Every bit as good (if not better) than the “Louie” we were introduced to a year ago.


Bob Hoskins And Eddie Izzard Off To Work As ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Dwarves

Wednesday, June 22 by

Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, and Steven Graham also offered small parts.


Review: Bad Teacher

Tuesday, June 21 by

Doesn’t quite go all the way into dark comedy but it’s unapologetically cynical and that makes for good laughs.

Lost Boys Michael (Jason Patric)

Jason Patric To Star In FX Comic Adaptation ‘Powers’

Tuesday, June 21 by

It’s only been 14 years since ‘Speed 2: Cruise Control’. Are we ready to forgive him?

DVD Releases for June 7th

Screen Junkies DVD Rundown: June 21st

Tuesday, June 21 by

The Screen Junkies DVD Rundown for June 21st, 2011


Links Away: Demolition Man Supercut

Tuesday, June 21 by

Simon Phoenix talk to himself. A lot.

Niki Lauda auf dem Nürburgring verunglückt

Ron Howard, Unable To Hold His Breath For ‘Dark Tower’, Looks To ‘Rush’

Tuesday, June 21 by

As a little boy, Ron Howard always wanted to be a race car driver (movie director).

Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 5.15.55 PM

Jack, Get Back: MTV’s ‘Footloose’ Trailer Is Here

Tuesday, June 21 by

You’d think after more than two decades of crack and teenage pregnancies, this town would have gotten over the whole “no dancing” thing.


Expect Jon Hamm On ‘Mad Men’ For At Least Three More Years

Tuesday, June 21 by

Don Draper ain’t goin’ NO WHEH!

Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 4.44.59 PM

Megan Fox And John C. Reilly Popping Up In Sacha Cohen’s ‘The Dictator’

Tuesday, June 21 by

Reilly will be playing a bikini model and Fox will be playing a lovable oaf. Wait. That can’t be right…