The Beaver

Tuesday, May 10 by

Mel Gibson stars as a depressed CEO who speaks via a beaver puppet in this Jodie Foster joint.

Non-Photoshopped Picture of Warren Buffett In Scranton

Warren Buffett Brings His Considerable Acting Chops To ‘Office’ Finale

Monday, May 9 by

There’s a reason to keep watching “The Office,” even though Steve Carrell is gone, and that reason is… somewhat interesting celebrities.


New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Photos And The Secret Of Bane’s Ooze

Monday, May 9 by

Who’s this pit for: Ra’s al Ghul or Bane? Time to fire up the Batputer and process these clues.

'Conan The Barbarian' Poster

Blood, Swords And Just A Hint Of Explosion In Classy ‘Conan’ Poster

Monday, May 9 by

How would he not have more cuts and bruises?

Michael Cera

Michael Cera’s Awkward Guy Schtick Is ‘Magic, Magic’

Monday, May 9 by

Michael Cera is in a new indie movie. Is your head trembling, unable to process that shocking news?


Links Away: Cinema’s Greatest Sandwiches

Monday, May 9 by

Not all sandwiches are created equal.


Del Toro Casts A Son Of Anarchy For ‘Pacific Rim’

Monday, May 9 by

Guillermo del Toro is pitting the young actor against some giant “malevolent” bugs. Benevolent bugs would be funnier.

Brett Ratner

Brett Ratner Gets Spielberg’s Table Scraps: ‘The 39 Clues’

Monday, May 9 by

Spielberg is too busy directing Lincoln and Executive Producing a whole bunch o’ stuff for ’39 Clues’. “Feed it to the Rat-Man,” he said.

'Human Nature'

Aronofsky And Clooney Team-Up For Non-’Wolverine’ Movie?

Monday, May 9 by

‘Human Nature’ is about people becoming pets. We’d better get awesome litter boxes.


‘Takers’ Director To Bring ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Into The Third Dimension

Monday, May 9 by

John Luessenhop is the man that will decide when and where virtual chainsaws get thrust in audiences’ faces.

A Family Guy Production

FOX Renews ‘Family Guy’ And ‘The Cleveland Show’

Monday, May 9 by

Seth MacFarlane is makin’ it rain!

It's good to be the king.

Gif Recap: ‘Game Of Thrones’ – Cripples, Bastards, And Broken Things

Monday, May 9 by

Even in last night’s dialogue heavy episode, there was still a grizzly death!

Joaquin Phoenix sweet tats

Joaquin Phoenix Aligns Self With P.T. Anderson And Xenu

Monday, May 9 by

Hail Xenu!

Rod Lurie

Rod Lurie To Dial Up The Tension In ‘Borderline’

Monday, May 9 by

I expect this to be a “feel good” movie. And by “feel good,” I mean that someone will probably witness a family member getting executed.

The Thin Man

That ‘Thin Man’ Remake Gets A Director, Is Actually Happening

Monday, May 9 by

Hopefully he can make alcoholism funny again.