Who wants shots?!

You Are Old: These 7 Child Actors Can Now Legally Drink

Tuesday, September 13 by

Get ready to feel really, really old.


Official Bidness: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Directing ‘Highlander’ Remake

Tuesday, September 13 by

He was heads above the rest.


9 Characters Creepier Than Buffalo Bill From ‘Silence Of The Lambs’

Tuesday, September 13 by

“Was she a great big fat person?

Links Away: Nooooooooo!

Monday, September 12 by


The Hottest Volleyball Pictures Gallery (TotalProSports)

Lindsay Mattway Hotness (GorillaMask)

Hot Ring Girl Ashley Bradley (CagePotato)

Mel Gibson Tries To Redeem Himself (FilmDrunk)

Hilarious Science Fair Projects (Smosh)

Blowing Into Game Catridges: The Good Ole’ Days (Holytaco)

Katy Perry’s Boob Show (CelebJihad)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bullies (Unreality)

Boob Holder Of The Day (DoubleViking)

Bucky Larson: Worst Movie Ever (Slashfilm)

How To Avoid A Mid Life Crisis (MadeMan)

Jenny McCarthy Hotness (Ehowa)

Rockin In The Combat Zone (USAToday)

How To Pick The Right Blazer (ModernMan)

Amy Paffrah Hotness (Maxim)

Say Hello To Miss Universe (WarmingGlow)

20 Minute Elder Scrolls Demo (GameFront)

Why Tony Romo Is Better Than Mark Sanchez (TuVez)

The Top 10 Car Chases Ever (RottenTomatoes)

Blind Man vs ATM (TheDailyWhat)

Michelle Tratchenberg On Gossip Girl (AOLTV)


"This skydiving handshakes serves as a legally binding agreement that we will kill whoever tries to remake this film." "Agreed."

‘Point Break’ To Be Remade Because The Universe Hates Us

Monday, September 12 by

Let’s go get drunk.

And the winner is...

9 Sexy Hollywood Aliens Who Could Win ‘Miss Universe’

Monday, September 12 by

These space ladies should have the right to compete too.

This barely cracked the top five, to give you a sense of what we're dealing with.

The ‘True Blood’ Finale Reminds Us How Ridiculous The Show Really Is

Monday, September 12 by

Searching for ridiculous aspects of ‘True Blood’ is tantamount to searching for a needle in a stack of needles.

You really shouldn't fly with those things on.

‘Top Gun’ Is 3D Now

Monday, September 12 by

Now you can live Oprah’s nightmare with Tom Cruise all up in your face.

That show was still on?

7 Reasons I Stopped Watching ‘Entourage’ Years Ago

Monday, September 12 by

When you can name seven reasons you dislike a show, it’s time to stop watching.


Olivia Munn

Monday, September 12 by

Olivia Munn doesn’t know how she does it.

Not what my Monday needed.

‘Sex And The City’ Prequel Series Will Show Us How They All Became So Shrill And Insufferable

Monday, September 12 by

It’s scheduled to come out in fall 2012. Come on, Mayans. Do your thing!

He never had a chance...

9 Unlucky Movie Losers Who Never Had A Chance

Monday, September 12 by

Wrong place, wrong time…


R.I.P. Andy Whitfield

Monday, September 12 by

The ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’ star has passed away.

“We gonna make some cooch chili or what?”

Monday, September 12 by

Awesome Archer cosplay.

We love him anyway.

8 Actors We Used To Sort Of Hate, And Now We Sort Of Don’t

Monday, September 12 by

Maybe we hated them because they are handsome…

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