Gif Recap: ‘Game Of Thrones’ – Baelor

Monday, June 13 by

Whoa, didn’t see that one coming.

The Killing

AMC Wants More ‘Killing’, Gets What It Wants

Monday, June 13 by

It’s show about a gruesome murder. Which makes it the closest thing AMC has to a comedy.


‘Transformers 3′ Rolls Out Shiny, New Stills

Monday, June 13 by

Oh yeah. John Malkovich is in this thing.


NBC’s ‘Playboy Club’ Is Too Risque For Mormon Families, Not Risque Enough For Everyone Else

Monday, June 13 by

Maybe the money they save could be put toward a spinoff like “7th Heaven: Salt Lake City,” or “Law & Order: Special Pleasant Family Dinner Unit”


Review: TNT’s Falling Skies

Monday, June 13 by

A hardcore opening leads us into a promising new alien series.


Holland Roden

Monday, June 13 by

Holland Roden appears on the newly rebooted series “Teen Wolf.”


Relativity Buys Really Long Navy Commercial, ‘Act Of Valor’

Monday, June 13 by

It stars actual Navy SEALs. You can tell by the way they point their guns.


Monday, June 13 by

Part man, part machine, all bro.


Major Studios Not Attending This Year’s Comic-Con

Monday, June 13 by

It’ll be far less Marvel-y.


Extended ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Trailer Here To Extend Nerd Boners

Monday, June 13 by

I would like to see more.


Robert Zemeckis In Talks To Do Another Thing With Tom Hanks

Sunday, June 12 by

Major Matt Mason, who is NOT a doll.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner To Come From Behind And Get The Girl

Sunday, June 12 by

Thanks, Craigslist!


Coen Bros Working On Something Musical

Saturday, June 11 by

It’s the Coens, you should make plans to see it no matter WHAT it is.

Sung Kang

That ‘Bullet To The Head’ Movie Just Got A Lot Kangier

Saturday, June 11 by

Sweet, Kangy goodness.


Joel Silver Gives Stallone A ‘Bullet To The Head’

Friday, June 10 by

Rocky’s brought back an old producer pal-o for his New Orleans hitman movie.